The President of the Madrid region Cristina Cifuentes


by Christopher Collins

For weeks, Cristina Cifuentes, President of the Comunidad Autonoma de Madrid (autonomous region of Madrid), has been besieged by the media on account of alleged irregularities in the way she obtained her Master’s degree in Regional Law at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

About all the political parties in Madrid, save her own party, Partido Popular, are calling for her resignation. The Juan Carlos student body, too.

Far from being cowed, Cifuentes wrote to the rector of the university this Tuesday, 17 April, to return her controversial degree, thereby putting one over her adversaries! Now, what’s there for her to resign, huh?


Featured image/Cristina Cifuentes, CC BY2.0
Return to Sender/Judith E. Bell, CC BY-SA2.0, cropped