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Christmas Music, Songs, Show, YouTube Video Ambience, Ballet, Classic and New Movies


                 By Charles Canovas

This Christmas season, we´ve got lots of music straight from YouTube: Christmas Standards –
New  and Old,  Michael Buble´s Christmas Show and of course, The Nutcracker Ballet –
the one ballet you can´t miss every year. There are also classic and  new
Christmas family movies including a historical documentary.  
Plus really  great suggestions for a YouTube  Decorated
Holiday that don´t involve crafting or working,
just relaxing and enjoying –
Holiday Ambience Videos.  

First things First!  Let´s start this off with some Christmas modern classic songs!



Feliz Navidad –Il Volo in Disneyland – 2.5 min.

“ Il Volo”  are Italy´s most popular youngest divos in the tradition of the 3 Tenors. 

Great  singers  from opera to standards and loved by old and  young
alike.   This was filmed in Disneyland, Orlando, Florida.


Now that we´re all in the mood, we´re going to set the stage, so to speak. Even if
you  don´t  have a tree or all the decorations,  put  these  background  videos
on a big screen  TV  or  computer screen and you´ve got  an automatic
cozy, warm  holiday setting  great   for just lounging  around or 
to accompany your holiday  get-togethers and dinners.  


Best Fireplace and Snow Ambience Video – 5 hrs

Just the sounds of snow falling and fireplace with fire and  crackling logs with
absolutely  NO MUSIC which lasts 5 hours so  you can
just let it work its magic the entire day.   


The Best Christmas Ambience Video with Fire, Snow and Music  – 2 hrs.

This is the most beautiful fireplace ambiance video with a wonderful selection of easy
listening holiday standards to get you and your family in the Christmas spirit.


So this is Christmas – Josh Brosnan  2.31 min.

When we watch the most beautiful planet we inhabit from space, this timely and timeless
Christmas song by John Lennon seems all the more relevant.   


Just in case you´re bored and don´t have enough to do at this hectic time of the year, here
are a few movies, some classics,  some new, just for Christmas and why not?
Just one video historical, but fun, about the REAL Scorpion King.


To Catch a Thief – 1 hr. 47 min.

Cary Grant at his most charming and Grace Kelly at her most beautiful where she was to meet
her real life prince and tragically die on the same road she raced along in this picture.


Pocketful of Miracles –  2hr 17 min

Bette Davis – “no one does it better” as you will see in the Capra Christmas comedy with Glenn Ford
in one of his few comedic roles.    This heart-warming tale is a “Must See” if you haven´t.


Christmas in the City – 1 hr. 28 min.

One of Hallmark´s Christmas movies.  Great for the entire family.
Check out more of these on the right of screen.  


King Narmer – The Original Scorpion King  – 45 min.

You´ve seen the movie, this is a documentary of the discovery of the original
Scorpion King Narmer over who lived 5000 years ago.


Michael Buble Home for Christmas – 1 hr.5 min

What can I say? Bublé is wonderful any time of the year, but his
Christmas shows make the season glow!


Manamanah – Muppets – 2.5 min.

Just for Fun!  This one doesn´t need lyrics – anyone can learn the lyrics in 10 seconds flat.
There is one catch: it will keep on playing in your head forever.   

From us to you:

A Very Merry Christmas


A Happy, Healthy and Very Prosperous New Year!



Featured image/Gabe Knezek via Flickr, CC BY2.0
Reindeer/Hundefan, Pixabay