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April 2013 “Treasures”: “That’s Entertainment”, My Fair Lady, Ice Age columbus, Final Countdown, Somewhere in Time, Thumbelina


By Charles Canovas


YouTube – It changes every day. You can find almost anything but the really good stuff doesn´t last too long. It´s retired by YouTube due to “copyright infringement”. Happily, someone else will be kind enough to post it again at a later date.

Here’s what you might watch for:

“That´s Entertainment”

CHARLES CANOVAS The Band WagonThe famous clip from the musical The Band Wagon

4.47 min.
(Song starts at 1.35 min.)



My Fair Lady

2.63 hrs


Winner of 8 Academy awards and 3 Golden globes, including best picture, actor and director in both, based on the longest running musical on Broadway with Rex Harrison reprising his stellar role on Broadway. Considered the perfect musical, it is based on George Bernard Shaw´s novel, Pygmalion. George Cukor directed with Audrey Hepburn as the flower girl who Professor Higgins (Harrison) transforms into a lady. It is a delicate, delightful, beautiful piece of cinematography, direction, acting and script. If you have never seen it, it is an absolute MUST. If you saw it long ago, it only gets better with time.

Note that YouTube removes this kind of videos very quickly due to copyright problems. This video is top quality – no fuzziness, great sound . I heartily recommend you download and keep it for further enjoyment but always having in mind what copyright restrictions there might be in downloading. If copyright prevents you from downloading, I emphatically say DON’T DOWNLOAD.


Ice Age Columbus, the First Americans ?
1.26 hrs.

CHARLES CANOVAS Ice Age columbusGuess what? If your very, very ancient family history (say 17,000 years) goes back to northern Spain and southern France, you just might be the descendants of the real discoverers of the Americas. If you were raised in the USA, you probably know that there are different types of Indians and not all of them look like one race if you look at their facial differences. Now, there just might be a reason for these discrepancies. There´s a saying from a Spanish zarzuela that says “Hoy las ciencias adelantan, es una barbaridad”. Well, lately I´ve found we all came out of Africa, then, that most Europeans have a little Neanderthal DNA and now, that Europeans actually discovered and colonized America. What´s next? I´ll inform you of all the videos I can find.

This is a 2005 Discovery Channel documentary drama with all the scientific findings that support the Solutrean hypothesis of the discovery and colonizing of the Americas by Europeans, specifically from the Solutrean culture of France and northern Spain thousands of years before Asiatic peoples crossed over to Alaska. It finds that these Asiatic peoples came into contact with the Solutreans who had, by then, populated a large amount of land in North America and that these two populations began to interbreed and were both the ancestors of the Native Americans seen by later European colonists. Interesting and well documented.


The Final Countdown

CHARLES CANOVAS Final Countdown1.38 hrs.

This one is probably retired. It’s a 1980 science fiction action film, a favorite among sci-fi and military aviation fans. Actually filmed on board the USS supercarrier Nimitz, it is about a modern aircraft carrier that travels through time to the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Everyone in the family will love it. Starring Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen.


Somewhere in Time
1.37 hrs.

CHARLES CANOVAS Somewhere in TimeSomewhere in Time is a 1980 romantic science fiction film starring Jane Seymour at her loveliest, Christopher Reeve at his most dashing, and Christopher Plummer. It was not as popular when it came out but has become a cult favorite with the International Network of Somewhere InTime . There is even a Somewhere in Time Weekend held at the Grand Hotel where it was filmed with attendees dressing in period attire to celebrate the movie, in company of celebrity guests who worked on the film in front of and behind the camera. For all you romantics and devotees of Christopher Reeve, don´t miss it. The film is known for its musical score composed by John Barry based on the eighteenth variation of Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a “Theme of Paganini” which runs throughout the film.



1.26 min

MSDTHUM EC003A very modern take on the story by Hans Christian Anders. This 1994 animated film is lively, surprising , not at all what you would expect. Songs by Barry Manilow. If you think you recognize some of the characters, you´re probably right. See if you can identify Charo, Carol Channing or John Hurt. With subtitles in English for hearing impaired and all you English students. Great for the kids and for the kid in you. Give it a try.



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