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The Three kings — wearing crowns — bring lavish gifts for Infant Jesus in the presence of Mary and Joseph



by Chris Collins

It’s been nearly two weeks since kids woke up on Christmas Morning and found their stockings filled with the toys and all sorts of other gifts they’d asked for – at least, those who’ve been good during the year.  Not that the naughty ones got passed over.

Santa, that lovable and loving old bearded fat guy who indulges kids – of all ages — the good ones and the not so good.

He’s recently put Spain in his global itinerary. Ergo, he’s become hugely popular in this Land of Villancicos and Castanets.

Tonight, 5 January, Eve of the Feast of the Three Kings, those glamorous guys from the Orient, are doing the rounds like Santa Claus before them, filling the stockings and wooden shoes of those who’ve stuck to good manners.

And those who didn’t? Well, too bad, they get charcoal instead of gifts!

Who would the kids rather have? Santa or Their Majesties?

Chances are that Spanish children would have both!  Think about it, two kinds of bountiful bearers of gifts instead of just one, the Royals coming right on the jovial heels of Ho Ho Ho! Except that on this Eve of the Reyes, those who’ve been headstrong might have a sleepless night. That awful Damocles-carbon hanging over their pillows!


Featured image/Myriams-Fotos from Unsplash
Santa/Rvs1966, CC BY-ND2.0 via Flickr