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Sinfonía de Verano, a community film project about Madrid in summertime, is inspired by the 1920s and ’30s “urban symphonies” like Manhattan, Berlin: Symphony of a Great City, À propos de Nice, and The Man with a Movie Camera



Sinfonía de verano: Retrato de una ciudad
Community film / Open call

Source: Veranos de la Villa

Here’s your chance to get your video included in a unique film.

Sinfonía de verano: Retrato de una ciudad (“Summer Symphony: Portrait of a City”) is a community film project about Madrid in summertime, a kaleidoscopic portrait of the city built up from images filmed by its own residents: the city seen as a place of encounters and collisions. The Symphony video should picture Madrid this summer when the city slows down and offers special images: empty streets, packed swimming pools, endless nights, skin glowing in the sun, boiling hot tarmac, the unexpected storm…

A portrait of the city not only as seen on picture pretty postcards and tourist snaps but also of peripheral Madrid, of hidden spots, images of people who don’t make the news. The story of a city built by the sum total of individual perceptions. A city with as many sides to it as the number of people who live in it.

Within the framework of the city government’s Veranos de la Villa program, the Sinfonía de verano project is inspired by the “urban symphonies” in 1920s and 30s cinema (e.g., Manhattan, Berlin: Symphony of a Great City, À propos de Nice, The Man with a Movie Camera). Its aim? To rethink what the film story about a city in the early 21st century might be like. A free, surprising and unexpected form of film making that reconfigures and amplifies the way we imagine the city and its potential stories. A film in which we can see ourselves reflected as inhabitants of a familiar metropolis and, at the same time, be surprised by this very city we’re living in.


To achieve this, Veranos de la Villa is inviting you to start documenting your own experience in the city and send along the images you’ve filmed in Madrid during this summer. Deadline: 21 July.

The resultant film, a compendium of the selected videos, will be premiered on Friday 1 September in the auditorium on Plaza de Ángel Francés, Puente de Vallecas.

How can you take part?

A. Videos can be made using any device (mobile phone, stills or video camera, etc.), but must meet the following requirements:
– They must have been recorded this summer 2017 in Madrid.
– Unedited: Shots should be unedited. You can send more than one shot but they must always be fragments of raw, uncut reality.
– Duration: 5 minutes maximum.
– Sound: It’s preferable that the videos contain live sound, but not strictly obligatory.
– Resolution: Minimum resolution = 1280×720 pixels, preferably Full HD 1920x1080p.
– Format: The usual formats are accepptable: .mov, .avi, .mkv, .mp4, .3gp. Your shots should be in horizontal (landscape) format. No mobile phone videos in vertical or portrait format.

B. Along with your video/s
– A short written description of the video content and the place where it was filmed.
– A signed statement giving the project the rights over your images so the final film can be produced.
– Your name so it can be included in the film credits if your images are selected.

If you’d like to take part, you’ll need to upload your films and send the above-listed documentation by 21 July to #audiovisual #documental

Alternatively, you  may go directly to Veranos de la Villa’s Facebook page:

Here’s another useful link:


Film Premiere

Auditorio de Plaza de Angel Frances
Calle Ramón Pérez de Ayala 34
Puente de Vallecas
Metro: L1 Buenos Aires (salida Pío Felipe)
Buses:54, 63, 141, 143, 145, E, N9, N10

Friday, 1 September 2017
10:00 P.M.

Free admission

Featured image, Fair use
Temple of Debod, Madrid/Silvina Vladimirsky, CC BY2.0
WorldPride Madrid 2017  night scene/Nicolas Vigier, PD
Veranos de la Villa poster, Fair use
Sinfonia de Verano, Fair use