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Entrepreneurship is a way of giving bck to Madrid and the community: ‘Some of the great things we’ll see in Spain will come from entrepreneurs’


By Kristen Schlotman
Photos: K. Schlotman

On Monday, April 28th, the American Club of Madrid hosted another After Work Talk for its Entrepreneurship Series. This lecture was held in Area 31 at the IE Business School. The school was founded 40 years ago with the mission to train and educate entrepreneurs. The two presenters of this lecture were Juan José Güemes, Chairman of the International Centre for Entrepreneurial Management, and Concepción Galdón, Area 31 Director. The main topics of the presentation were the Venture Days, the Venture Networks, and the mysteriously named, Area 31.

logo-venture-dayThe Venture Days are held twice a year and aim to connect the best startups to investors. It is an international startup competition held in cities around the world from Shanghai to Boston. The Venture Network is another way where startups can meet investors but in a much more relaxed setting. Ideas can be pitched and feedback provided in a more personal meeting with a Heineken in hand (as it is the official sponsor).

Pic 2 by Kristen Schlotman

Guëmes with ACM’s Cristopher Rischard

As Juan finished talking about the Venture Days and the Venture Network, Concepción jumped in and informed us about the room we were occupying, a space called Area 31. Area 31 is an incubator, accelerator, and most importantly, an ecosystem. It is where investors can meet with entrepreneurs and work together to build and strengthen their growing startup. Conferences, events, and seminars are also held here and are open to all.

Both Juan and Concepción believe that entrepreneurship is a way of giving back to Madrid and the community. “Some of the great things we’ll see in Spain will come from entrepreneurs,” stated Juan as he finished the informative and eye-opening lecture at the IE Business School. After the lecture members from the American Club of Madrid asked questions and mingled with others in attendance.




Featured image:  Juan José Güemes and Concepción Galdón during April 2014 at IE-ACM After Work Talk of the Entrepreneurship Series


Kristen Schlotman is a writer of Guidepost.