by Ana Suarez

Headmaster William O'Hale introduces Lower School Director Faraday de la Cámara and her team of flag holders at the beginning of the assembly.

Headmaster William O’Hale introduces Lower School Director Faraday de la Cámara and her team of flag holders at the beginning of the assembly.

The Lower School opening assembly at the prestigious American School of Madrid began with a parade of flags from all the nations represented in the Lower School. The diversity of ASM’s student body represents a true “magical mix” of students with one-third US citizens, one-third Spanish citizens, and one-third citizens of approximately fifty other countries around the world. The oldest Lower School students from each country carried their waving flags through the aisles of the auditorium and up onto the stage where they sat proudly for the duration of the assembly.

The American School of Madrid focuses on learning about and celebrating the richness of our diversity and the importance of many of the attributes and attitudes of our Learning Profile.
Lower School Director: Faraday de la Cámara


For the twelfth year in a row, ASM’s grade six students spent a week at the Gredos Field Study Center in Navarredondo de Gredos carrying out field studies in entomology and astronomy. Taking advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings offered by the Gredos Mountains, the students collected numerous water and forest insects, classified them and then studied the habitats in which the insects lived. Then at night, they learned to identify the constellations under the crystalline Gredos skies, as well as viewed the moon through a telescope to identify its features.

In between science lessons, the enthusiastic students enjoyed the Food Web Game, a session of archery, and training in setting up and taking down the tents in which they slept.

The relaxed learning environment guaranteed a fruitful and enjoyable time for all who attended. The Gredos trip, as always, was a trip to be long and fondly remembered.
Middle School Science Teacher: Linn Peterson


Congratulations to Harrison Hobdy who won first place in a recent Mathletics photo contest!

Mathletics is an online tool that students in grades three through five use for daily math skills practice as well as to participate in international math competitions throughout the school year. While doing Mathletics exercises early last fall, Harrison stumbled upon a photo contest to win an iPad in honor of the launching of the new Mathletics Student app. The launch of this new iPad app will enable students to use Mathletics on the go and outside of the typical study environments like the home and the classroom. For this reason, contestants were asked to have a photo of creative pieces where they would be able to do Mathletics practice once available on the mobile iPad.

Harrison took his photo in front of the Plaza de Toros in Madrid, submitted the photo to the Mathletics Facebook forum for fellow Mathletes to see and vote on, and ultimately placed first in the competition with 370 Facebook “likes”.

Mathletics has become a positive learning tool for ASM students, inspiring competition, improving their math skills and making learning engaging. In addition to Harrison’s noteworthy achievement, a special congratulations should go to all ASM Mathletes who participated in the recent European Math Competition. Two 5th grade classes placed in the top 20 schools in Europe, all of our 4th and 5th grade classes and one 3rd grade class placed in the top 20 in Spain, and ASM placed 3rd overall in Spain. Last but not least, 30 of the top 100 Mathletes in Spain were from ASM.

Go ASM Mathletes!

Grade 5 Teacher and LS Math Coordinator: Karen Campbell


Every Friday students and teachers in K1, K2 and K3 get together for an animated assembly which takes place in the classrooms. Each week a different class gets the opportunity to host the special event. Students and teachers sing together, tell and act out stories, talk about important events, and celebrate special occasions like birthdays, new brothers or sisters – and lost teeth!

Not only do students love getting together with each other every Friday, but these assemblies help to give a sense of unity and continuity to our early childhood program.
Kinder 2 Teacher: Mary Nichols