“The paint connects with the inner me and guides my hand to form this deep communication
which enriches my life and serves as intense therapy. You can’t possibly remain
depressed as you create a piece of beauty. Life is art, and being
involved with art brightens one’s existence”


 by Lisa Moreno

San Luis de Sabanillas

The lanky 23-year-old lad with purple hair is Ransom Ragan, the young artist we are interviewing today. He’s a transplant from Utah who for the past two years has been living with his family in the small village of San Luis de Sabinillas on the Costa del Sol here in Spain.

The Motocross champ does a spectacular acrobatics

Ransom spent his early years taking part in various motorcycle competitions within Utah and throughout the United States. His father always accompanied him. Ultimately, the youngster became a Motocross racing champion and his many trophies secured his place in sports history.

Ransom says he would like very much to say that there was some exotic spiritual re-awakening to his artistic abilities. However, no such thing occurred. It was his detox from Fortnite, the video game phenomenon that became a daily routine worldwide for many youths and the bane of most parents’ existence, that did it.


The young artist in his own words

I was quickly hooked on the music, intense colours, high energy, and professional videography. There was an excitement to Fortnite that inspired me, and I was pretty sure I could somehow duplicate the experience.

I knew I was playing too much at one point, but with the enforced Covid lockdown there were few options available. So, I decided it was time to quit the game. And I did, which had a devastating effect on me. My mind and body sunk into a deep depression. I questioned my self-worth and existence, and I couldn’t shake it for many months. There was a desperate need to describe the depth of my inner pain and somehow express it, so I painted it. And that was the beginning

I created my first triptych – three paintings displayed together which represented my depression. The ripped first canvas symbolizes your soul being torn apart; the second shows a gradual repair; while the third offers a feeling of improved spirits.

Last year, I enrolled in a Graphic Design and Art University and completed my first year, which counts as the best and most rewarding days of my life. I study every genre that hints at art: videography, oil and acrylic painting, graphic design, and 3-D conceptualization. But it’s music and art which sustain me, and my 3-hour daily bus ride to and from classes inspires me to write songs which is a pleasure for me.

This year may prove to be a challenge. Tuition is high, and my parents barely scraped by last year to cover my costs and upkeep since Covid took such a toll on our finances. Therefore, I’m dedicating myself to ease the burden this semester. My fellow artist, Nina Valdes (NMV), the project administrator at Artstudio22.orgis collaborating to produce a catalog for online art sales of close to the one hundred custom paintings we have. She will donate all proceeds to help me reach my goal and is asking other artists to join us.

My present endeavour is a collaboration which depicts influential women, i.e., Cleopatra, the Russian czarina, a Native American princess, and an African warrior. We’re recreating images as authentically as possible, showcasing their national headdress in 3-D on canvas.


I’ve learned that a local gallery owner approached Ransom to hold an exhibition. In addition, several art enthusiasts have requested private showings. However, he’s declined for now, as school is his priority and primary focus. Personal showings or exhibition restrictions and deadlines can not burden him, so he uses the online sales route.

I’m glad I viewed some of Ransom’s highly unique pieces and his style of painting. It was positively refreshing. I think this is a young artist whose work we shall see more of in the future, and he hasn’t even graduated yet. He signs his pieces with the symbol XO. Be on the lookout, art lovers!

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