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By Rose Maramba
Photos: US Navy League Madrid Council



Copa y Aperitivo de Bienvenida

Gala Ball 2013 Eva

Gala Ball 2013 president

Gala Ball 2013 featured image

Gala Ball 2013 guests Dan

Gala Ball 2013 guests

Gala Ball 2013 guests 4

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Gala Ball 2013 EE




















Ten months ago, on 26 January, GUIDEPOST featured the US Navy League Madrid Council. Under the sub-heading “The Navy League, A Great Beginning”  we wrote:


The Navy League of the United States has impeccable origins. It was founded in 1902 at the suggestion of Theodore Roosevelt, the 22nd President of the United States (1901-1909) and consistently considered one of the greatest by scholars. ‘Teedie’, second of four children of wealthy parents, was sickly and exuberant. Very bright too. He was Phi Beta Kappa at Harvard where he finished his AB magna cum laude. (He went on to study Law at Columbia.)

Col. Theodore Roosevelt, 1898

Col. Theodore Roosevelt, 1898

At Harvard Teddy Roosevelt (he was a distant cousin to Franklin D. Roosevelt) developed an interest in naval affairs. He, in fact, began to write the scholarly The Naval War of 1812 which would be published in 1882 after he graduated. It was a time when the United States was growing into a major sea power and not much later would wrestle the Philippines from Spain . . .

The Navy League is a non-profit support organization, ‘a civilian organization dedicated to the education of [US] citizens, including [their] elected officials, and the support of the men and women of the sea services and their families,’ as the League describes itself. . .

‘It seems to me,’ said Roosevelt, ‘that all good Americans interested in the growth of their country and sensitive to its honor should give hearty support to the policies on which the Navy League is founded.’

In 1904 the Russo-Japanese War broke out as a result of the Russian and Japanese imperial rivalry over Manchuria and Korea. It was known as the ‘first great war’ of the twentieth century. Roosevelt brokered the peace and in 1906 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He would be one of only three incumbent US presidents to win the prize. He donated monies from it to the Navy League, making it possible for the League to become an incorporated organization.

Gala Ball 2013 winnerEvery year the Navy League Madrid Council celebrates these proud beginnings with a Gala Ball towards the end of October. This year was no exception. On 25 October the glitzy formal affair was held at the Hotel InterContinental and wasn’t it lucky for the winner of the door prize for an overnight at the hotel’s Executive Suite? Navy League Madrid Council President Nicholas Hayes  presented the certificate.

Gala Ball 2013 colors finalThe US and Spanish military top brass in their impressive uniforms were definitive of the gala event although civilian members and guests were of course quite as important. The Marines post the colors; the US and Spanish anthems were duly played.

And the sumptuous dinner
was served. . .

Gala Ball 2013 dinner Dan

Gala Ball dinner 2








Later there was dancing too !

Gala Ball 2013 dance band

Gala Ball 2013 dancing













Navy League Madrid Council Board of Directors

President: Nicholas Hayes
Vice President: Stevens Moore
Secretary: Eva Endress
Treasurer: James Dodson
Judge Advocate: Alexander Grant
Master of Arms: James Dodson
Editor Nauticias: Valerie Hobson
Directors: Molly Long, DAR; Geroge Mahl
Advisers: James Francis, Dan Lowell (past president), Ricardo Vallespin, Javier Pradere



Many thanks to Ms Eva Endress and Ms Valerie Hobson
for their help in putting this story together