Image: Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Here are some of the places you could still go to this summer and have a taste of the new normal in the nation’s capital with the lingering good old Madrid spirit to underpin it. Hopefully, that great spirit is still there, undaunted by the lousy corona.


“ABRE MADRID” concerts
IFEMA Feria de Madrid
Avenida del Partenón, 5
28042 Madrid
Metro Feria de Madrid (Line8)
Buses 73, 104, 112, 122

14 & 15 August: Sonoramad Mad Ribera – Scene 1

13 August, 21:00: THINK – tribute to Aretha Franklin – Scene 1

23 August: Miguel Poveda – Scene 1

25 August: Micah P. Hinson – Scene 1

27  August: Pedro “El Granaino” – Scene 1

28 August: Momo Tribute Queen – Scene 1

29  August: Lérica – Scene 1

4 September: Omar Montes – Scene 1



LIVE NATION concerts
The emblematic sala La Riviera
Paseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto, 3
28005 Madrid
(In the Madrid Río tourist area)


16 & 23 August: Rock en Familia

28 August: OBÚS

2 September: Tomasito

3 September: Sex Museum

4 September: Muchachito

5 September: Bely Basarte

10 September:  Celtas Cortos

11 & 12 September:  Fuel Fandango

13 September: Sticky M.A.

14 September: María Peláe



Concerts & Zarzuela
Centro Cultural Conde Duque
Calle del Conde Duque, 11
28015 Madrid
Metro Noviciado (L2, L3, L10), San Bernardo (L2, L4), Ventura Rodríguez (L3)
Buses 001, 002, 1, 2, 44, 62, 74, 133, 138, 749, C1, C2

18 August: Veranos will host “Entre antes de ayer y pasado mañana” featuring two of the most prominent artists from Spain’s folktronic scene: Baiuca and Le Parody.

19 August: “Algo inesperado (Something Unexpected),” a “blind date” with a great music artist whose identity won’t be revealed until the show begins. Clues will be given on social media in the run-up to the event. A give-away: she’s going to be a woman.

21 August: No castizo Madrid summer festival will be complete without the zarzuela, Spain’s most traditional opera. And you’ll be getting the best of it at Veranos: “La corte del Faraón,” successfully reworked into a 21st century-style production that draws heavily on the musical and revue formats, starring Belinda Washington.

22 – 23 August: The second zarzuela comes in the form of “El estudiante y la zarzuela,” a bold, entertaining show written and directed by Raquel Acinas that does away with gender stereotypes. “El estudiante” incorporates masterpieces by great composers, with baritone Manuel Lanza and soprano Ruth Terán more than doing justice to the musical arrangement.

28 & 30 August: Two terrific music events will bring down the  curtain on this unique and probably one of the most unforgettable veranos in Madid Villa y Corte: (1) “El bello verano” (28 Aug), featuring Confeti de odio, the stage name of Lucas Vidaur, and Cariño, with their contemporary pop sound, profound lyrics and catchy refrains, on 28 August; (2) the stellar performance by Carmen Linares, the only female flamenco artist to win the National Music Award in 2001. Linares will give an extraordinary concert to pay tribute to Madrid, the city that catapulted her to success as an artist, on 30 August.