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Poetry of vegetables.

Calle Caballero de Grazia # 8
Metro Lines 1 & 5: Gran Via
Reservations Required: (91) 426. 6453

by Margaux Cintrano
Photos supplied

A philosophy that stands hand in hand with authentic traditions, choosing unique produce and creating refined Sichuan, northwestern Chinese cuisine is the mission of Restaurant Sichuan. Owned and operated by a Father and Son Team, from Sichuan, the menu is in three languages: Sichuan Chinese, Spanish and English.

An irresistible Sichuan special.

The Bok Choi, is prepared simply sublime, and sautéed in a delicate manner and in which the Chef has created poetry of the vegetable which he manages to prepare a true delicacy.

Spicy squid.

The spicy squid is perfectly made with assorted Chinese vegetables in a solid tasty tradition. The piquant tender, melt in your mouth beef slices are a true Sichuan tradition and the refinement speaks volumes about alternating a variety of herbs, spices and Sichuan chili peppers which are artistically crafted into a dynamic culinary experience.

The Menu del Dia is 12 Euros, Monday through Friday. However, my colleague and I are veered toward exploration and adventure and henceforth, ordered “a la carte”.

The Spanish wine list of bold aged reds paired truly lovely with Sichuan cuisine that we had. We shared a bottle of Protos from Ribera del Duero, at the cost of 16 Euros.

The ambiance is absolutely amazingly lovely.

There were several appetizers brought to the table, which included a wide variety of Dim Sim filled with prawns, vegetables and tender filet of beef and pork.

Definitely, one of the most exceptional restaurants of this genre that we have both eaten in. The ambiance is absolutely amazingly lovely, located in a renovated “Castizo” narrow alley way, with a combination of wood, brick and the feeling of a Soho Deco Building.

Thank you, Paul.