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Lavish presentation of new Puy du Fou shows with kings, queens, knights, horses,
and pages parading down Plaza de Colón in the center of Madrid


by Muriel Feiner
Photos: M. Feiner


The PUY DU FOU park has created three new attractions for its theme park located on the outskirts of Toledo and the presentation was organized in a lavish way with kings, queens, knights, horses, and pages, parading from the Plaza de Colón along Calle Serrano, to the National Archaeological Museum (MAN). Awaiting the arrival of the “royal entourage” at the foot of the stairs of the Museum were the Mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez Almeida; Almudena Maíllo, Councillor for Tourism of the Madrid City Council; Jesús Sainz, vice president of Puy du Fou Spain; and Erwan de la Villéon, CEO of Puy du Fou Spain.

Recognized as the “Best Theme Park in Spain” and one of the best in the world, Puy du Fou will open its doors again on April 1st with new spectacles that will complete an exciting and colorful review of the history of Spain.  One of them is “THE MYSTERY OF SORBACES”, inspired by the history of Recaredo, the great Visigoth king and it just so happens that the Archaeological Museum preserves and exhibits the greatest collection of Visigoth treasures, which was unearthed in the late nineteenth century in the province of Toledo.

Erwan de la Villéon, CEO of the park, explained: “This new season is very special for us. From the very inauguration of the park, so many people have been amazed and delighted with their visit to Puy du Fou Spain. With the new additions, we will complement the recreation of different historical epochs in Spain, with the hope of creating a greater understanding and knowledge of the major events which have shaped the country and which are crucial to understanding today’s society.”

Erwan explained that Puy de Fou Spain needed to represent the Visigoth era in Toledo which was the most powerful, cultured and wealthy state in the Western world at that time, surpassing by far the existing kingdoms in France and England. With the fall of the Visigoth empire in 711, much of its greatness and wealth disappeared until the late nineteenth century when a humble farmer unearthed a wonderful treasure on the outskirts of the village of Guadamur, just a few kilometers from the park. He added: “Missing, however, from that discovery was Recaredo’s lavish crown. Today, Puy du Fou Spain brings to life the greatness of that Visigoth Kingdom and ‘recovers’ the royal crown, that has been missing for more than 1,300 years, in order to make the treasure complete.”

 “THE MYSTERY OF SORBACES” is not the only novelty in the park, because two other shows have been created as well. DE TAL PALO… TAL ASTILLA” (“A chip off the old block”) represents the memories of many generations of one “Julián Gutiérrez”. An open-air show in which visitors will tour different amphitheaters to hear the different protagonists (all descendants of that first Toledo-born Julián Gutierrez) relate the crucial historical events in which they participated such as the siege of Numancia, the Reconquest in Covadonga, the battle of Navas de Tolosa or the War of Independence.

EL BODEGÓN DEL CAPITAN” will provide the opportunity to meet a captain who served in the Tercios de Flandes army, who has much to tell and share with diners at his inn, Villanueva del Corral. Here a show full of surprises is combined with the possibility of sampling some of the most typical local delicacies, such as a variety of game, Manchego cheeses and delicious torrijas for dessert.

€17 million for the new shows

Puy du Fou has invested more than 17 million euros in these new projects and in new historical settings, gastronomical offers, playgrounds… and many other surprises, and they hope to welcome 1,100,000 visitors in this new season, during the 161 days it will remain open.

We should not neglect to highlight some of the existing attractions of the Toledo theme park:

> The Cetrería de los Reyes. Set in tenth-century Toledo under Moslem occupation, it recreates the legend according to which, after the battle of Simancas in the year 939, Count Fernán González of Castile gave a golden eagle to the emir Abderramán III as a gift.  This show offers a magnificent display of beautiful, trained birds which fly back and forth, just above our heads: hawks, eagles, vultures, cranes, owls and dovetails, among others.

> El Último Cantar. Presented in the Castle of Vivar, an impressive 360º revolving theater, it tells the incredible story of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, “El Cid”. Set in the ninth century, we watch him mature from a young squire to a great soldier, his exile from Castille, the eventual pardon from King Alfonso VI, and his final battle in Valencia, which he won when his corpse was mounted on his famous horse Babieca.

>The Gran Corral de Comedia theatre is where writer Lope de Vega stars in “A Pluma y Espada”. Set in the 16th century, Spain’s glorious Siglo de Oro, it includes an unusual encounter with another illustrious colleague in prison: Miguel de Cervantes. The staging, the choreography, the dances, the sword fights, the horses… all intermingle to create a majestic spectacle on a stage that mysteriously fills with water.

> Allende la Mar Océana narrates the life of yet another notable character in the history of Spain: Christopher Columbus. Instead of contemplating his daring journey to unknown lands from an armchair, visitors take a walking tour inside the Santa María caravel. We follow his encounter with Isabella the Catholic in 1492, his departure from Palos de la Frontera, the insufferable, claustrophobic journey in the bowels of the ship until the crew disembarks on a paradisiacal Caribbean beach. The ambiance, the settings and the special effects are magnificent.

> The Sueño de Toledo is the culmination of any visit to Puy de Fou. It begins at 10.30 p.m. and reviews 1,500 years of Spanish history in approximately an hour and a half. An old water bearer with his donkey and a young washerwoman named Maria guide us through the recreations of a number of historic episodes such as life during the Gothic reign, the siege of Toledo, its conquest by the Muslims, the Christian reconquest, the Catholic Monarchs, the discovery of America, the Napoleonic invasion, the War of Independence, the arrival of the railroad, and the Civil War.

A visit to Puy du Fou is immensely entertaining for people of all ages and an excellent opportunity to learn more about the history of Spain.






1) It might be helpful to check out the park’s website beforehand ( in order to get an idea of its layout, verify show schedules and perhaps buy tickets online. At the entrance to the park, you can pick up the Visitor’s Guide with a map and a program of the day’s events.

2) Check out the expected weather conditions: temperatures, possibility of rain… and equip yourself accordingly: hat, sunscreen, jacket, raincoat, umbrella…

3) Also take into account that it can cool down a lot at 10.30 p.m., when “EL SUEÑO DE TOLEDO” begins.

4) Wear comfortable shoes and…

5) Above all else, get ready to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

Puy du Fou Spain – CM 40, Exit 13 – 45004 Toledo. Only 8 minutes by car from the historic center of Toledo and 55 minutes from Madrid.


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