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The New Normal?  (Pic: Bart Everson)


Compiled by Jack Wright
Text: J. Wright


“Old fashion” congestion, Tokyo. (Pic: Ignacio Palome Duartte)


New Normal: Not anti-social, just far apart, Dubrovnik, Croatia. (Pic: June Liu)

The way it used to be (Pic: Gabriel Santos)

The New Normal, cycling in the city, London, England (Pic: Tomek Baginski)

New Normal, social-distanced, Toronto Canada (Pic: Filip Mroz)

Old Normal:  the usual crowd, Glasgow, UK (Pic: Arthur Kraft)

The “old” crowd, New Year, Catalonia, Spain (Pic: Error 420)

The New Normal: New Year away from the crowd, Windsor, Canada (Pic: Hermes Rivera)

New normal, telecommute (Pic: Sincerely Media)

The Old Normal, Kiev, Ukraine (Pic: Alex Kotierskyi)