The ballot box for the purported referendum on Catalan independence made its
surprise appearance before the media on 30 September 2017


by Christopher Collins

Yesterday, after cat-and-mousing it with each other for months, the Generalitat de Catalunya finally showed the box to the media into which  they say the ballots of the secessionist referendum will be cast tomorrow, 1 October 2017.

The Central Government of Spain is unwavering in accusing Catalonia of engaging in an illegal consultation that can’t possibly meet the least of the requirements for a valid referendum.

The Government says no Catalan referendum will be held tomorrow.

There’s unease – and even anger and agitation – throughout Spain as the clock ticks away into D Day. Others find it hard to believe that some could even think of such a referendum. There’s even melancholy in the air.

Today, Saturday, rallies were held across the country for a united and undivided Spain. Thousands of Spanish flags waved in many plazas.


Featured image, boingboing, CC
Spanish Flag/Contando Estellas, CC BY-SA2.0