We turned 54 last 28 February 2012. And we’re sooo proud to be Spain’s oldest existing publication in English, the Dean of English publications. Sure others had been there before us. But now you see them now you don’t, or they’re simply gone forever.

Since GUIDEPOST’s inaugural issue in 1958, when you could feel glorious Spring in the air, we have not stopped publishing on a regular basis. That’s quite a feat of endurance considering that English is a foreign language in Spain and when we started out there were cuatro gatos, as they would say here, who spoke it.

Blowing our own horn? Could be!

Actually, it’s more like we’re whistling in the dark. We’re venturing for the first time into the great wide world of cyber publishing. And although we’re very excited, it’s still an enormous challenge.

But we’ll make it – and with fabulous new stuff thrown into the mix for good measure. GUIDEPOST ONLINE will be a page-turner on the web. (That doesn’t sound very much like we’re jittery in the unfamiliar new dimension, huh? So maybe what we’re really doing is give ourselves a pat on the back!)

We will deliver, we promise. Just stick around for us like you’ve been doing all this time. We’ll do the rest for you. Fair enough?

By the way, we’d like to take this opportunity to give thanks to Craig, our marvelous webmaster, for all the help he’s given us – and continues to give us – well beyond the call of duty.


By Rose Maramba, Editor in Chief