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The Bulls, the Bullfighters and Their World 
by Muriel Feiner
Second edition
Updated, revised and expanded

The Bullfight is an extraordinary spectacle that has evolved over centuries into a very unique, artistic event, filled with boldness, beauty and pageantry. The term “bullfight” is a misnomer and is totally misleading. It is not a sport; it is the confrontation between Man and his intelligence and sensitivity, against the Animal and its bestiality, with the purpose of creating Art.

As it may not be easy to comprehend at first, The Bulls, the Bullfighters and Their World endeavors to explain its world, its behind-the-scenes and its protagonists, who share their experiences, feelings and motivations with the reader. Based on interviews with everyone from the top brave bull breeders and matadors to their assistants, managers, impresarios, tailors, surgeons, bullring employees, journalists and aficionados, the books aspires to offer an in-depth, sensitive portrait of the Corrida, both for the seasoned bullfight fans as well as for the curious but uninitiated readers.

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Muriel Feiner, the author, is a native New Yorker who moved to Spain in the early seventies to obtain her Masters and “follow the bulls”, and eventually ended up marrying a matador. Feiner founded the “Club Internacional Taurino” in Madrid, because at that time women were not admitted into the exclusive all-male societies of aficionados. An active journalist and photographer, she has published over a dozen books on Spain and received many distinctions, including the prestigious Taurine Merit Award from the Spanish Parliament Association.
Feiner traces her beginnings as a writer-journalist back to her earliest days with Guidepost.