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Camila Wanderley’s A-list

Red roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and twinkly lights hanging from the streets…. aaahhh, Valentine’s Day, with love filling up Madrid and couples all over the city wanting to celebrate it. Honestly, after the year we’ve had, I believe that all of us deserve love in our lives, so let us take this night to dine out and comfort our hearts in the company of our partner, friend, or family.

Madrid is a city that screams romance all 365 days of the year, but more so in the one special night devoted to celebrating love. And so we are presenting to you our compilation of the 10 perfect restaurants for that lovely celebration in the company of your loved one.

Bel Mondo

Remember when Julia Roberts fell in love with a spaghetti dish in Eat Pray Love? She had Mozart playing in the background and a feeling of pure bliss that you will definitely find here at Bel Mondo. The venue of this restaurant, the child in the marriage between an Italian summer palazzo and the banks of Lake Guarda, is decorated with romantic fireplaces, secret gardens filled with flowers, and an open kitchen so you can see the works behind the brilliant mind of chef Ciro Cristiano.

Neapolitan pizzas, fresh Italian produce and homemade pasta fill up the menu, sometimes with a sprinkle of Spanish cuisine on a dish or another. Have we mentioned the cocktails? Oh my, each one more beautiful, tasty and creative than the other. For Valentine’s Day, book a table on their website, which we recommend given the romantic demand of the night.


Don Lay

The Cantonese bar

You know what is much more romantic than you may think? Dim sums. And Don Lay is the place that will prove that to you. This informal Cantonese restaurant, with the Chinese bar as the protagonist (featuring the famous dim sums as well as creative and well-elaborated cocktails), and the restaurant serving classic crispy duck and pork, will amaze you with its eclectic and unique design, traditional and contemporary flavours, and the opportunity of having a night you won’t forget.

Cocktails, prawn cannelloni and dumplings at the bar

The harmony of the blue, red, and golden venue, with the herbal and spicy flavour of rice and noodle dishes, is just the perfect place for you and your partner for the perfect Valentine dinner.

Le Bistroman Atelier

A bistro provençal

What about flying to France, the most romantic country in the world, without leaving Madrid? Le Bistroman Atelier, a small and welcoming bistro that mimics the provençal we all have fallen in love with. Here, the chef Stephane Del Río has elaborated a menu that celebrates her origins by way of dishes like Duck Magret and Pichon du Mont-Royal.

The ambience, with garlic cloves hanging on the walls and baskets of fresh fruits, vegetables and baguettes that perfectly harmonise with the light blue sitting and bricked back wall, transmits a sense of romance that seems to be have been shipped straight from the south of France directly to your table.

Taberna y Media

Chef José Luis

A family business, casual and simple, that nevertheless surprises and enchants diners with its ambience, flavour and philosophy.  Chefs José Luis and Sergio Martinez represent two distinct generations that come together to create amazing dishes. Here, the famous cocido madrileño and the Spanish tapas are at the forefront of a menu that reflects a simple and casual but at the same time innovative cuisine.

Taberna Y Media’s famous cocido madrileño

The ambience will take you back to that quaint little bar in a small Spanish town, one you would probably find on a Woody Allen movie. The brick walls contrast with the inviting blue and green booths and the tile-decorated bar, complemented by a leafy wall. A Valentine dinner here will definitely be a cozy and intimate experience.


San Roman escalope

With an industrial and “rusty” vibe, Fismuler offers different kinds of sitting options, from small and intimate spots to large tables for big parties and even seats by the kitchen where you can see all the action (definitely try to go for one of these). Here, the menu changes daily, adapting to the freshest supply of produce, so you never know what to expect until it is finally delivered to you. One thing we know for sure is that it is going to be delicious no matter what!

One of Madrid’s favourite cheesecakes

The signature dish of the restaurant is the San Roman escalope, made from Iberian pigs and served with a slow-cooked egg and truffles on top. Follow that with the cheesecake of the house, one of the most popular ones in the entire city of Madrid, and you will have yourself a delicious and satiating Valentine dinner!

Madame Sushita

Superb sushi and plenty of room for books too

Frankly, any restaurant from the Sushita group would be good enough to make the cut for this list. However, for the sake of simplicity and because we don’t want to overwhelm our readers with too much sushi, we decided to present you with one of the most popular and romantic ones: Madame Sushita, with its red walls filled with books, subtly illuminated by a dim light that breathes love and passion.

Maki roll

At Madame Sushi, the food is healthy, ecological, sustainable, and guess what – really really tasty. A great variety of sushi rolls, poke bowls and hot plates like gyozas and rice dishes await you in this unique and exclusive restaurant. Rumour has it that they’re serving up a special Valentine’s Day menu… why not find out what it is?


Spanish food and exotic experience

Like all other Larrumba restaurants, Botánia stands out for serving traditional Spanish cuisine with touches of modernity in both its preparation and presentation. Much like the Group Sushita, Larrumba boasts magnificent restaurants all over Madrid, and we mourn the fact that we could not add every single one of them to this list.

Housed in a 5-star hotel, Botánia is a refined restaurant known for its intricate décor and devotion to natural and seasonal foods.  The tropical environment, with plants hanging from the ceiling, red, green and yellow seats and tiled walls make dining in the restaurant a unique experience not only for flavours and aromas but also for the décor. If your plan for Valentine’s Day is to savour Spanish food cum exotic experience, this is the place to go.


The menu is a titillating fusion of Spanish and Cuban-Caribbean flavours

The second Larrumba restaurant on our list, Habanera will transport you to colonial Habana. With warm lights, tropical vegetation and wood-based interior design, the restaurant is great for disconnection and is guaranteed to afford you an experience that is different from any other when searching for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal in the country’s capital.

Finish off the feast with foamy Nutella

The menu is a titillating fusion of Spanish and Cuban-Caribbean flavours, from croquetas to salmon poke bows. Finish off your menu with a foamy Nutella dessert.

The cocktail spread is just as extensive and creative, mixing Caribbean and Mediterranean flavours as it should, spiced up to create a unique drinking experience.

El Jardín de Orfila

If you are looking for an experience in a most exclusive and elegant dinner, in a traditonal and romantic seting, this is the restaurant of your dreams. El Jardín de Orfila, located in the 5-star hotel Relais & Chateau, is headed up by the 2 Michelin star chef Mario Sandoval whose gastronomic proposal fuses the most traditional flavours of Western Europe with the avant-garde way of confection and presenting of the food.

With an architecture and interior design that will take you straight into the heart of Renaissance Italy, El Jardin de Orfila cannot help but embody enchantment. The open dining area is surrounded by large windows that let all the sunlight in. And during winter nights, the outdoor area is illuminated by fireplaces that make you feel you are enveloped by the warmth of love.

PS: There’s a special multicourse menu for Valentine’s Day, so make sure to make a reservation!


Chicken Korma

Last but definitely not least (as this is my personal favourite from the entire list) is Bangalore, an Indian restaurant for the lovers of the exotic. Here you can explore the traditions of Indian cuisine through a well-balanced mix of flavours and aromas. You might want to opt for degustation; the gustatory experience will take you through time and space, connecting you with the dishes that built the intriguing Indian gastronomy we know today.

In Bangalore, you are surrounded by soft colours that contrast with the strong flavours you will be feasting on. A contrast that is harmoniously stimulating and visually satisfying. In addition, the greenery in the well-illuminated dining room makes a perfect foil for the golden bar. The delightful sum total of all these will surely start you off on an exquisite culinary journey.


Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, make sure to call ahead and check for availability.

Images: from the restaurants’ websites or social media unless otherwise stated.
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