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We have planned TWO, count them, TWO, great events for September. On the 15th we officially kick off the
year with our General Assembly, a members only meeting to wow you with past, present
and future club news.  Our “happy hour with a view” follows and non-members are
welcome to join members on the nH Eurobuilding´s gorgeous terrace.

Then on the 22nd, we kick off this season´s Entrepreneur Series with a great presentation
focused on cultural awareness as you build your business.

Register NOW for both events! Just click the links below!
September 15th General assembly/happy hour
September 22 Entrepreneur Presentation, “Grow Your Business with Cultural Awareness Savvy”

Grow your Business with Cultural Awareness Tips 
  7:00 PM Happy Hour & Networking
7:30 PM Presentation Begins

Presentation highlights

Have you ever had the feeling that something went wrong during a meeting with a foreign client, but you are not exactly sure what happened?  Most of us believe that by only being “natural” and without prior training, we can communicate effectively in an international context.

The reality is that a foreign client thinks and behaves very differently.  These differences are frequently barely perceptible, what is normal for a Spaniard maybe unacceptable for an American.  Most of us are not conscious of the extensive, invisible code of conduct, values and beliefs which have a direct impact on the success of our communication and ultimately the quality of our relationships and our business bottom line.

In this lecture, Catalina Parada and Ana Carballal will share practical tips and anecdotes about different cultural contexts to help you become culturally savvy and hence, a more effective communicator in the workplace.

About Catalina Parada

Founder of No-Dos, a communication training and consulting firm committed to helping businesses grow by boosting their staff´s cultural awareness, business communication and linguistic abilities in real time.  A former marketing executive both in the US and Spain, she is now an international business trainer and coach specializing in intercultural and linguistic communication skills for investors, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to excel in global markets.  She is fluent in English, Spanish, and French as a result of having lived in Chile, France, Switzerland, Algeria, Colombia, the United States, and currently in Spain.

About Ana Carballal

Ana develops cultural awareness training programs for No-Dos and is also a professor of Intercultural Communication at Nebrija University.  She is currently completing her doctoral thesis on how international experience impacts intercultural managers when their companies become global.  Ana, an experienced multiculturalist as a result of having lived in Holland as well as growing up between Spain and the U.S., brings a more academic expertise and viewpoint to No-Dos.

Join us!
The New Grog Club
Calle Hermosilla 46


Register by clicking the link below!
September 22 Entrepreneur Presentation,
“Grow Your Business with Cultural Awareness Savvy”