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Ristorante Di  Bocca

Gran Via 59
Metroline 3 & 5:  Callao or Plaza España
Reservations suggested:   91. 547. 6014


By Margaux Cintrano
Photos: M. Cintrano and Di Bocca’s

To say that Ristorante Di Bocca is fabulous is like saying Pavarotti was able to carry a tune.  The Italian classics here are as voluptuous, earthy and glamorous as an Italian film star.  

The contemporary ambiance is glistening with a cherrywood built in Wall to Wall entertainment centre on each side of the restaurant and a well spaced table arrangement runs along in front of it and down the centre.

The cuisine is a celebration of regional Italian, classic baked pastas, modern pastas, risotto, salads, and 12 wood burning oven pizzas.  

There is something for everyone including vegetarians, vegans, pescatorians and carnivores.

These are some of the most wonderful Italian regional cuisines in the vicinity.

The Menu del Dia ( 11.95 Euros ) includes a starter with a selection of five ítems,  the main course with a selection of 5, in addition to a special of the day and a glass of wine or a beer or nonalcoholic refreshment and a café or a dessert from which there are 4 or 5 to choose .

The 12 pizzas range from 8.95 Euros to 11.95 Euros.

The Trio at a birthday feast a la italiana

Highly Recommended:
The Risotto of the day
The Pasta of the day
The Pizzas

The cuisine served here is sumptuous and this is where you might bump into The Original Guidepost Terrific Trio (Publisher Dan Lowell,  Editor in Chief  Rose Maramba, and Restaurant Reporter, Food &  Wine  Editor Margaux Cintrano) celebrating a birthday, anniversary and / or just to enjoy some exemplary Italian cuisine at fair prices in a stunning ambiance and with lovely bilingual waitstaff.  


Sumptuous, glamorous, earthy




















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