10 Jan, 2021
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Sometimes lightning does strike twice -- nay, several times. Just as when conservative users have found a haven in Parler, after banishment from Twitter, Apple has taken down Parler's app from the App Store.  Google did the same from its Play Store. So did Amazon Web Services for Parler "posts that clearly encourage and incite violence."

A STATESIDE STORY: Trump’s Response to the DNC–Tweeting!

A STATESIDE STORY: Trump’s Response to the DNC–Tweeting! »

22 Aug, 2020
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President Donald Trump of the USA has a penchant for using Twitter to respond to news events like the Democratic National Convention in which Joe Biden accepted the nomination for Democratic Candidate for President. Now the next step on the agenda for Donald Trump is the Republican National Convention which will be held next week. According to some polls, Trump is getting 51% of the potential voters on his side. In any case, it is going to be a close race in November.