4 Jul, 2022
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There's an excellent exhibit of graffiti artist-turned-mainstream-painter, Jean Michel Basquiat, in downtown Manhattan. The artist died at 28 of an overdose; his works are sobering. It would have been a hard transition from this intense show to our ultimate destination, the Little Spain eatery, (thought-provoking art makes us hungry), but the High Line was nearby. Little Spain has a magnificent selection of Spanish food. The diner prides itself on being purely Spanish but the Latin-American waiter did not know what a "pincho" was and they played Mexican music. Small complaints.  We enjoyed every morsel,  raised our "thimbles" and toasted Basquiat!

TWA Layovers: Del Hotel Plaza al Cielo

TWA Layovers: Del Hotel Plaza al Cielo »

10 Jun, 2022
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During my thirty years as a TWA flight attendant, I spent many a layover at the Hotel Plaza. Whether coming off a new Boeing 707 in the sixties, the whale-sized 747 in the eighties or a sleek 767 in the nineties, the Plaza was my home away from home. The hotel was nestled inside the Edificio España, wrapped in a cozy cocoon of cafeterias, bars, restaurants and watering holes that catered to all tastes. There always seemed to be fruit floating in the water of the pool in the top floor from someone's sangria. And once in a while, a naked Maja was seen running across the balcony chased by a Don Juan Tenorio.



10 Dec, 2017
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There’s very little people around the world don’t know about “touristic” Spain. And so I’m amazed that many visitors are still amazed that one could have quality vacation in Spain cheaply. Especially when we’re talking about eats!

A GUIDEPOST REPRINT: “Thought for Food — Plaza Mayor Pleasures” (PART 1) »

4 Feb, 2017
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In 1975 Jeffrey Owen observed: "The Plaza Mayor remains the heart of much of what remains of old city life in Madrid – festivals, processions, Sunday strolls and nocturnal merry-making, sun-sitting, café-lounging, tapa–hopping and al fresco dining." GUIDEPOST suggests this is still true in 2017