A Second Opinion: Beyond the Pyrenees

A Second Opinion: Beyond the Pyrenees »

27 Jun, 2019
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Somehow I always felt that "Europe" began at the Pyrenees, leaving Spain as a magic island of cultural heritage. What has the EU really done to improve the life of the average Spaniard except complicate the panorama a bit more? Perhaps there has been a forward-looking push from up North that has subtlely changed the traditional Spanish attitude of xenophobia. Perhaps some modernization has occurred and the economy is more robust than before. But Madrid is not Paris, and Barcelona is not Berlin, and Rome will always be Rome. If the British can say "no" to the Continent then others may follow suit.



6 Dec, 2016
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"Suddenly, life in the Spanish kingdom has acquired an entirely new framework, putting paid to a prolonged dictatorship which made it an international pariah. It was an electrifying moment in the modern history of Spain"