Stateside Stories: A Simple Coincidence?

Stateside Stories: A Simple Coincidence? »

26 May, 2019
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Rambling around town in the beginnings of May, en route to my second shift of the day, I came across an old building in an older part of the city which startled me with its blaringly large white sign which read “Lowell’s Print-Inn”. Now I don’t know anything about the history of the building, but all I could think of was taking a picture of it for Guidepost’s longtime publisher, Dan Lowell, who for many years was in charge of the print version of Guidepost as he is now in charge of the online version. It was the most evocative, interesting and coincidental sight to see on my way to what is rather boring work at times, and I vowed then and there to come back and take pictures to prove the strange coincidence.