8 Dec, 2021
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Saint Francis of Assisi, who spent time in Madrid in 1214 on his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, is credited for creating the first live nativity scene in 1223 in order to cultivate the worship of Christ. The scene's popularity inspired communities throughout Christian countries to stage similar exhibitions. Go visit the belenes (Nativity Scenes) in Madrid. See GUIDEPOST's list!

A Second Opinion: The New US Embassy in Jerusalem

A Second Opinion: The New US Embassy in Jerusalem »

22 Nov, 2018
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The US Embassy in Jerusalem distances it from other allies who have kept their embassies in Tel Aviv, a more modern and secured city. But Jerusalem has historically been the center of the three great religions that share their roots in the Holy Land: Muslim, Christianity, and Judaism. From the Old Testament to the New, and even in the Koran, Jerusalem still is a bright spot in the dark tragedies of the day

Religious Mysticism and Sensational Shows: The Feast of the National Patron Saint »

29 Jul, 2016
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The fabulous Feast of St James is a “Fiesta of International Tourist Interest”. Better grab what’s left of it!