4 Jul, 2022
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There's an excellent exhibit of graffiti artist-turned-mainstream-painter, Jean Michel Basquiat, in downtown Manhattan. The artist died at 28 of an overdose; his works are sobering. It would have been a hard transition from this intense show to our ultimate destination, the Little Spain eatery, (thought-provoking art makes us hungry), but the High Line was nearby. Little Spain has a magnificent selection of Spanish food. The diner prides itself on being purely Spanish but the Latin-American waiter did not know what a "pincho" was and they played Mexican music. Small complaints.  We enjoyed every morsel,  raised our "thimbles" and toasted Basquiat!

Bravas, Bridges &  Brew  in The Home of the Brave!

Bravas, Bridges & Brew in The Home of the Brave! »

10 Oct, 2020
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I hatched a plan after my doctor described my latest blood test as "boring." I never  wanted  anything  about me to be described as boring. So I drove from the  middle of  Long  Island, epicenter of bland restaurants, to  southern Brooklyn to  pick up the Guidepost Galloping Gourmets. They can root out Spanish food better than a savy pig can find a truffle.