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Nerja, Andalusia



Spain is one of the world’s best places for expats, says “Expat Explorer: Broadening Perspectives,” the 2017 global report by HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation). According to the report, Spain stands second for satisfactory experience, only behind New Zealand, as nearly three-quarters (73%) of the respondents say their overall quality of life has improved since they moved here.

The public hospital of Torrecardenas, Almeria: prestigious center for the treatment of epilepsy and colon cancer

It is the number one country for physical health, overall quality of life, active social life and retirement. Most expats praise Spain’s national health service. Almost three in five (58%) say their physical health is better here than at home (compared to a global average of 36%).

In the overall ranking among the top 65 countries in the survey, Spain stands 17th.

52% of the foreign nationals say they had no trouble making friends with locals; 77% found it easy to settle in the country

The legendary hospitality

According to the HSBC report, 91% of the families who came to live in Spain feel Spaniards are kind and friendly.

Families with children appreciate the availability and affordability of education, an area in which Spain is among the top ten countries.

What’s more, 52% of foreign nationals say they had no trouble making friends with locals; 77% found it easy to settle in the country.

Ideal for the golden years

For the  44% expats over the age of 55, compared with a global average of 22%, Spain is ranked one of the world’s very best countries to retire in .

Source: Marca España


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