STATESIDE STORIES: Who will speak for the trees?

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by Mary Foran


Towards the end of January Mary wrote:
Fires have been raging on the West Coast and the Blizzards on the East Coast. They say that rain is on the way which may quench the unseasonable thirst of greenery in this neck of the woods!




Who will speak for the trees? Wildfires raging, deforestation, replanting efforts everywhere? Some think that we have to go paperless to solve the problem. But paper is an ancient and beautiful invention, along with the pen and ink of our lives. So far, it is also the printer and ink of our lives.

The act of writing is a beautiful exercise which may actually be lost in the coming generations. ABC’s or ABC, the fear of losing writing is real. Apps and Ipads,smartphones, texting and email are so amazing and intriguing that the younger generation may think that they are a substitute for real thoughts on paper.

Notes, memos, scratch pads, scribbles and dashed-out ideas have a hard time of it on a keyboard of any kind. No, paper is vital and must be protected with all we’ve got.

And to think I still could have mailed this plea to Guidepost . . .



Mary Foran is a much-loved former editor of Guidepost.


Featured image/Free-Photos from Pixabay