STATESIDE STORIES: Trump and Biden to Debate Twice

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Reelection aspirants Joe Biden, incumbent president, and former president Donald Trump. They will
on crime, inflation, the border crisis, the economy and the international conflicts.










by Mary Foran

Former US President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden have agreed to debate on June 27th and September 10th, 2024, ahead of elections on November 5th.

Trump, in spite of being in the courtroom on a legal dispute, is looking forward to the debates since he is ahead in the polls.

Biden is being brazen about it, saying “bring it on, pal” to his rival Trump.

Trump had a crowd of 80,000 at a rally in New Jersey, while Biden campaigns with elites and movie stars at fundraising events.

Biden’s holding up military aid to Israel after he promised to support them no matter what has not set well with Jewish Americans and a majority of the electorate. Pro-Hamas protestors, on the other hand, are pleased that their protests have borne fruit. Some of the slogans that were heard at the demonstrations included, “Death to Israel” and “Death to America”. Jewish students were afraid to go to classes on many college campuses. The library on the Portland State University campus which was occupied by protestors was completely destroyed, with a million-dollar repair bill for the damages.

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