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Their respective supporters are remaining firmly behind Clinton and Trump, but many voters
are terrified either will win! Some are turning politics off, watching football
games and thinking about planting their Spring Gardens!

by Mary Foran

While Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Governor of New Mexico, campaigns in Seattle, Washington, according to the Seattle New Station KOMO, Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate, is recovering from a bout of pneumonia, and Donald Trump is making political hay out of this circumstance.

Trump speaking with supporters

Trump speaking with supporters

Trump has publicly admitted that President Barack Obama is an American citizen, born in the United States, a fact he has questioned for quite some time now. Trump is also reaching out to Hispanics, Blacks and women to solidify and increase his standings in the polls.

Trump has said that the voting system in the United States is “rigged”, and that (not in his own words) he hasn’t been given a fair shake in the primaries and the polls.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters are fervent still, in spite of her temporary ill health, although the Media is speculating whether or not she will be fit to serve.



Many voters, on the other hand, are terrified that one of them will win!

(It has to be one of the strangest campaigns in the recent history of the United States.)

Some voters are turning politics off, watching football games and thinking about planting their Spring Gardens!

Others are in the thick of it and wondering if Hillary will recover in time for the debates.

Trump just may win hands-down without a Hillary as his opponent. It is said that he is controlling his comments more and backtracking on some of his ideas that weren’t very popular among Democrats and Independents. And he has outlined his tax plan, which he promises will cut taxes for the poor and middle class.

They've filtered into Trump's upport base

They’ve filtered into Trump’s support base

Trump has the problem of having attracted some local yokels and outright racists to his campaign. Ku Klux Klan affiliates have filtered into his support base, wreaking havoc on his “Make America Great Again” campaign theme.

National Rifle Association (NRA) affiliates have also come out in favor of Trump, as have Veterans (not all) and Labor Unions (some), although minds can be changed at the last minute before the General Election on November 8th.

The final outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election in the U.S.A. is still not clear. But pneumonia is serious business and Hillary’s doctors need to treat her well. Antibiotics, as everyone knows, can’t be over-prescribed since patients build up a resistance to them over time, and they become no longer effective.

So here’s a toast to Hillary’s health: SALUD!



And may Trump realize that his message is appealing to one of the lowest common denominators in America…




> Featured image (tulips) by Anna Nichal via Flickr, CC BY2.0
> Donald Trump speaking with supporters at Mesa Gateway Airport, Arizona, December 2015, by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA2.0.
> Pneumonia by Yale Rosen via Flickr CC BY-SA2.0
> Ku Klux Klan by Martin via Flickr CC BY-ND2.0
> Hilary Clinton at Capital City Fruit in Norwalk during her first week of campaigning as a Democratic presidential candidate April 2015, by Clay Masters (Iowa Public Radio Images via Flickr), CC BY-ND2.0