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Hillary Clinton’s rally speech in New York

by Mary Foran

Women seem to be appalled by Donald Trump’s pro-life comments on the abortion question, which was set into American Law in the Roe vs. Wade decision by the Supreme Court. He says he misspoke to a badgering question by a well-known TV journalist, who was getting down to the nitty-gritty of Relligions and Politics mixing into the debates.

Trump, who is not considered a professional politician by others contending for the Presidency of the US of A, said he was on the same page as former Republican President Ronald Reagan on the subject, which is a trigger issue for many voters.

Trump, Clinton

Trump, Clinton

Kasich and Cruz, as politicians, are gaining ground on the Republican side, just because they avoid controversial subjects well enough to ease their followers’ minds.

Women’s issues are many and difficult: equal pay for equal work, as American Women Soccer Players are fighting for now, Women’s Health and Well-being, Women’s Rights to Vote as they please, even now in 2016.

But WOMEN are not a homogeneous group at all, which means that the Vote which women in America fought for so bravely long ago, may go to anyone in the Race today.

The upcoming presidential election may be the key to America's global position?

” It’s a pivotal time in the USA and with its role in the world”

Bernie Sanders’ promises to the young are whipping up enthusiasm for his campaign, but others see him as a tax-and-spend idealist who isn’t thinking about the country’s problems with the National Debt, ticking away and confusing everyone!

Hillary has the smile and the style, but policy pundits are still questioning her ethics. And in a male-dominated world, she is not even considered a close second to a Margaret Thatcher! What must the Queen be thinking?

Somehow women thought that the time was overripe for a woman to be elected President of the United States, finally. But the Establishment groans and creaks with old ideas and older ways, and  traditional roles for girls and women in general. To be born female is to be born a second-class citizen, even to this day.

We are as modern as we allow ourselves to be: outer space exploration, oceanic discoveries, international cooperation.

A handshake instead of a kiss! What are the odds of that?

While Bernie Sanders rants against the billionaires and trillionaires and gives hope to student-loan burdened minds, Trump touts his ability to negotiate better deals for Americans, who, like others, have sold themselves down the river to foreign interests.

It’s a race to the finish, but the real race has hardly begun. It’s a pivotal time in the USA and with its role in the world.

Keep keeping up with it, and realize that every voter counts!

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Trump and Clinton byBU Rob 13 and Gage Skidmore respectively (, CC BY-SA 40 Int’l, cropped
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