STATESIDE STORIES: May brings Mother’s Day

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By Mary Foran


What if you are not a mother when Mother’s Day comes around in May? Well, you think about your own mother and all the sacrifices she made to bring you up in this old world.

You think about all the mothers who love their children more than themselves and do absolutely everything they can for them.

In the States, you think about the scandal of the celebrity mothers who bribed prestigious universities to get their offspring in somehow.

You think about mothers who neglect their children, or beat them, or have them too early or too late, or who have too few resources to manage them.

You think about what it would have been like to have children of your own, instead of just having a general love for children everywhere.

Mother’s Day is Appreciation Day for women who have given life to someone else. Mother’s Day is more than just a vase of flowers sent special delivery in an attempt to assuage those guilty feelings of not “being there” for an aging and disabled mother.

Mother’s Day is an appropriate and worldwide and wonderful tribute to the female of the species fulfilling her razon d’etre in life, at least traditionally speaking.

Many women nowadays choose not to have children or are childless for some other reason. But we all have Mothers since we all have been born through the “labor” of a woman.

There is no way someone who hasn’t had children can understand all that goes into having children, and what a woman has to go through to do so.

That is why my admiration for mothers is so profound. They are special people and deserve all the respect and love that can be offered them.

So, as May continues, Happy Mother’s Day to the Mothers of the World! We owe our lives to them!


Featured image/Andrae Ricketts on Unsplash
Inline photo/Sebastian Leon Prado on Unsplash