STATESIDE STORIES: It Isn’t Too Late for Resolutions

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Have you made your list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2015? Here are mine.


By Mary Foran

When 1999 turned to the year 2000 I thought we had reached quite a milestone. But now it is fifteen years later and we’re still going strong. What a miracle life is and how fast time flies!New Year's Resolution current_event_clock

2014 was a year of great losses, including my father of congestive heart failure, my older brother of the same, my brother’s best friend of cancer, Jean Allen of cancer, and many famous actors and actresses and other celebrities.

It was a year of great experiments, including de-criminalization of marijuana in some States, gay marriage rights in others, and problems associated with Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act.

Racial tensions came to the fore at end-of-year demonstrations against the police
but President Obama was quoted as saying that day-to-day discrimination had lessened and that the demonstrations were “healthy” signs of progress.

ISIS brutality with the beheading of American journalists and citizens came to the fore as an international coalition was formed to combat the terrorist organization. The horror of the conflict continues in what has been described as a “forever” war against an extraordinarily vicious enemy.

Free Cuba? No, cuba libre

Free Cuba? No, cuba libre

Putin’s power was excercised in the Ukraine and in the takeover of Crimea, while the Russian economy took a hit from sanctions slapped on by the European Union and the U.S. Now pundits are wondering what will be Putin’s next move in 2015.

Cries of “Cuba Libre” came after Obama’s policy change to normalize relations with that communist island country. But Raul Castro assured citizens that there would be no regime change in spite of the easing of tensions between the two nations.

So, if you haven’t made your list of New Year’s Resolutions yet, don’t worry. You have all of January to think about it until you’re really into the New Year. Here are a few ideas I’ve been kicking around:

1) Everybody it seems wants to lose a little weight: eat more vegetables and fruit and watch the cookies and desserts and, they say, soda pop with all that nasty sugar and caffeine.

New Year's Resolution running_girl

Be active

2) Be more active, even if you just walk around the block every day for ten minutes at a time. In America, the “couch potatoe” is the person who sits and watches television for hours at a time and never gets out for a breath of fresh air.

3) Keep up with the news: An informed citizenry is the essence of a democracy and the backbone of society. Your opinion matters and not just when it is time to vote.

4) I would like to read more biographies: I think that people’s lives can teach us many things about our own lives and give us models to pattern our lives after.

5) Take cooking seriously and learn to make some wonderful dishes. I have a collection of cookbooks that I’ve inherited and I need to use them more often!

Take cooking seriously

Take cooking seriously

6) Conquer my fear of flying and make it back to Madrid for a Guidepost reunion!

7) Work to live and not live to work but be prepared with projects for “retirement”. (No such thing in my understanding!)

8) I need to follow my own advice and “get organized”!

9) Pray often and always to the good God who made us all and gave us this beautiful world to live in and take care of.

10) Thank the Lord for all my blessings and be grateful for each day as it comes!

Thanks for this beautiful world

Thanks for this beautiful world









(Editor’s note: Some of us at Guidepost are somewhat jaded but we’re taking your Resolution # 6 seriously!)