STATESIDE STORIES: How About Going Camping?

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Camping at Yosemite National Park
By Mary Foran
Madrid tends to empty itself in August as the people head for their pueblos and La Costa where they take advantage of Spain’s many beaches. Some even head for the Sierra to catch the cooler breezes and camp out in Los Pinos!
Well, the same thing happens in the States as people take time for that great American summer adventure: CAMPING! Some people camp in tents, some use recreational vehicles and campers, and some just backpack out into the woods to sleep out under the stars on soft summer nights.
Some even use pack mules and horses to really get out into the backcountry and leave civilization far behind. There are so many different places for the camping aficionado to go all across the country that any listing would be incomplete.

Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park

But if you are traveling to the US and want to try your hand at camping, be sure to make reservations ahead of time to save space in the many National Parks and Recreational Sites available. Or you can just trust to luck and rent a camper or trailer that will at least give you shelter from a summer storm.

If vistas and views are what you seek then the following sites are considered the most picturesque and deserving of your camera techniques:
Acadia National Park in Maine
Denali National Park in Alaska
Yosemite National Park in Northern California
Saranac Lake in New York
Glacier National Park in Montana
Arches National Park in Eastern Utah
Big Bend National Park in Texas
Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho
Carson National Forest in New Mexico
Joshua Tree National Park in California
Zion National Park in Utah
Grand Canyon National Park near the Colorado River
Assateague Island National Seashore off Maryland’s shore
Bahia Honda State Park in Florida
Mt. Ranier National Park in Washington State
Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee
Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Marketplace

…and so many more!
Be sure to bring plenty of water and food supplies, although many campsites have lodges and grocery stores adjacent where you can stock up on camping goodies!

Bear! This one’s in Glacier National Park.

Have fun and be safe and watch out for the cougars and bears!

Featured image/Martin Holst Priborg Pedersen, CC BY2.0
Big Bend NP/Jonathan Cutrer, CC BY2.0
Glacier National Park, bear/Tom Driggers, CC BY2.0
Grand Canyon NP South Rim Marketplace/Grand Canyon National Park, CC BY2.0