STATESIDE STORIES: Hiding in America

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Immigrants from Eastern Europe, 1960


By Mary Foran

Although it’s not the wisest thing to do in the current turmoil of the general populace’s mood, and the uproar in government policy-making, there are always exceptions to the rule.

On the 50th anniversary of the Dtatue of Liberty, "the Immigrant's Statue," President F. D. Roosevelt noted: "

On 28 October 1936, the 50th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, “the Immigrant’s Statue,” President Roosevelt noted: ” For over three centuries a steady stream of men, women and children followed the beacon of liberty which this light symbolizes”

Exceptional people have always been welcomed, and have the tools and skills to live and work in a Nation like the United States, where dreams have really come true.

However, living in poverty in this land is really not nice, nor is it anywhere!

Scientists, experts of all kinds, business-minded people of every stripe, people with “smarts”, can sail through tests and make their way!

The rest of us plod along with the wits or the witlessness we were born with.

(Children know and children grow into very capable people!)

In “America” as we call it, there are clauses and catches and many strange rules which even the “folks” don’t understand. It isn’t the fault of any one thing but a combination of layers of laws which makes EVERYONE pause!

It is evident in this year of 2016 that everyone just wants to scream!

If you plan to board a ship, or take a short hop aboard a jet, think about what awaits you here and think of making a stand right there. (a little poetry in motion!)

“America” is not what it used to be…stringency is the watchword.

Small businesses are hurting because of over-regulation and lending obstacles.

It’s really not a question of being “foreign” or not. It’s a question of requirements that boggle the mind!

Some like it East and some like it West and some like the Middle best! But wherever you go, the locals will be there, probably “getting in your hair”!

Featured image by Robert Huffstutter, CC BY 2.0 Generic
Statue of Liberty, NYC, by Ana Paula Hiramam,  CC BY 2.0 Generic