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By Mary Foran

Bees are almost considered an “endangered species”, in some cases because, they say, of the persistent use of pesticides in the wrong places and without what I would NOW call  “due diligence”.

Flowers need bees to blossom and grow. Plants need them, too. So do fruit trees of all kinds. Wildflowers need them (if you can find any wildflowers anymore!). Many flowers, even buttercups, dandelions, crocuses and not-quite-summer ones, well, you get the idea…

Bee sting is no laughing matter!

Bee sting is no laughing matter!

The Scare has been the Africanized bee, which is thought to be more aggressive to human kind. Wasps are really quite scary, but some people know how to deal with them…

Bees tend to swarm, and people tend to run for their dear lives…

A Bee Sting, however, is nothing to laugh about (pumping their venom into your skin) but watching people run certainly is…

POLLENIZATION makes sending flowers possible! And sending flowers is quite a common custom in the States.

Sweat Bee busy working at pollenization

Sweat Bee busy pollenizing

Flowers are so essential to our ceremonies and decor, that The Bee is quite a subject meant for expert entomologists. Just taking a simple walk around the block, real gardeners have thoughtfully thought of the bees; I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all kinds of bees, and butterflies, having at it on one flowering plant–I know not the name–sharing it among them.

Honey is one thing they are known for, but where do they find the Clover, I ask?

It’s a mystery to me.

Etiquette is involved here: simply the way things are done. Manners have to be taught or at least encouraged.

Manners may begin with a simple “Please” and “Thank-you”.

Well, at least it’s a start, in

The End…(Not The End!).


Featured image “Golden Yesterdays” by Matthew Lancaster  (, PD
Bee by US Geological Survey, PD
Sweat Bee by Alan Schmierer (, PD