Salvador Sobral is joined on the stage by his sister Luisa on receiving the Eurovison throphy. Luisa composed the winning song /Andres Putting

By Jack Wright
Photos: Andres Putting and Thomas Hanses (Eurovision)


From the absolute bottom, Spain “topped” the list of 26 finalists in the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest held last Saturday, 13 May 2017, in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since participating countries take the results of the Contest as a matter of national pride (or humiliation, as the case may be), there was no two ways about Spain’s performance. It was a national debacle!

The Spanish team waits in the Eurovision’s Green Room for the the results of the Grand Final. Manel Navarro holds Spanish flag in the center./Thomas Hanses

Of the 43 countries who participated, 26 made it to the Grand Final, among them Spain whose representative was 21 year old Manel Navarro. The young singer-composer’s music is a fusion of influences from Bob Dylan to Ed Sheeran.

On the reverse side of the list was Spain’s nextdoor neighbor Portugal represented by Salvador Sobral. The 27 year old Portuguese, a singer-composer like Manel Navarro, sang  Amar Pelos Dois (“Love for Both”) entirely in Portuguese which was not very Eurovisionish; the great majority of the songs were either rendered in English or in a mixture of English and the singers’ native languages. The romantic melody was written and composed by Salvador’s sister Luisa who’s also his music mentor.

Salvador Sobral sings the song that won him and his country the Eurovision Song Contest/Andres Putting

Salvador scored a stunning 758 points at the Contest. It was the first time ever that Portugal has won Eurovision.

So next year the Song Contest will be held in Lisbon.

Incidentally, Salvador has special ties to Spain, having been an Erasmus exchange student in Palma de Mallorca and gigged as a musician in Barcelona. As could be expected, he and Manel hit it off at the Eurovision and it’s said that they’ve become truly great friends.

Manel Navarros’ Eurovision official video


Salvador Sobral’s Eurovision official video


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