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Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition is urging all local councils, corporations, associations
and institutions to take part in European Mobility Week 2019

The 17th European Mobility Week (EMW) begins on 16 September, an annual campaign for sustainable mobility organized by the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission. In Spain, it is coordinated by the Ministry for Ecological Transition. This year’s slogan is “Walk with us!” (¡Camina con nosotr@s!), and focuses on the environmental, economic and health benefits of “safe walking and cycling”.

This annual campaign, held always between 16 and 22 September, seeks to raise awareness among political leaders and citizens of the benefits of clean mobility and sustainable public transport for public health, the environment and even on citizens’ pockets. To participate, registration online is obligatory.

European Mobility Week mascot

Through the exchange of experiences with other European local councils, EMW seeks new solutions to problems associated with increased traffic in cities, and to spotlight the impact of the right choice of transport on the quality of the urban environment.

The EMW was launched in Europe in 1999. And since 2000 the European Commission has been showing its support for the initiative by holding a “Car free Day”, and ultimately taking responsibility for organizing Mobility Week since 2002.

Mobility Week seeks to foster the development of good practices and the adoption of permanent measures. Some measures implemented as a result of Mobility Week: increased pedestrianization, better or improved bicycle facilities, new forms of vehicle use. . . Click here for details.

Spain, leader in participation
Since the very beginning, Spain has been the leader when it comes to participation. So far this year, 416 Spanish local councils have registered for participation. That’s some 20% of the 2,102 councils throughout Europe. Moreover, the 122 out of the 1,922 corporations, organizations and institutions that have registered for “mobility actions” throughout Europe are Spanish. And these numbers are likely to increase, considering that the deadline for registration is still days away.

The active participation of civil society, social organizations, institutions and corporations is crucial in raising awareness among citizens of the benefits of opting for clean and sustainable transport.

Did you know?
Studies show that cyclists live two years longer, on average, than non-cyclists while a daily 25-minute brisk walking can add up to seven years to your life?




Main source: La Moncloa, Gobierno de España
Featured image (Ministry for Ecological Transition and the European Mobility poster), Fair use