Meet the Filarmonía Orquesta y Coro de Madrid (Filarmonía de Madrid).

  • An orchestra and chorus of the highest standards of professionalism
  • Headed by Maestro Pascual Osa, renowned conductor, composer, founder of the Filarmonía (year 2000)
  • The Coro Filarmonía, née Orfeón Filarmónico, debuted in 1999 at the Auditorio Joaquin Rodrigo in Las Rozas, Madrid
  • The Chorus of more than 140 members accompanies the Filarmonía Orquesta in the best music halls and auditoriums across Spain
  • An encompassing repertoire of symphonies, operas, música sacra, zarzuelas, and movie soundtracks
  • Performs with the Orquesta Clásica de Madrid, the Sinfonía Municipal de Madrid, the Sinfonía Nacional de Peru, Orquesta del Norte (Oporto, Portugal), the Sinfonía de Castilla y Leon. . .

This is the Philharmonia that went out of its way in 2021 to render homage to the victims of COVID-19 at Spain’s Auditorio Nacional de Música, on the first-anniversary celebration of the State of Alarm that faced down the pandemic with amazing courage and efficacy.

Give a listen to the Filarmonía.


Video and stills courtesy Filarmonía

A Filarmonía rehearsal