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They bring their own sunshine


Photos: Yoli Luna


Borrowing Anthony J. D’Angelo’s Monday mantra to brighten up the week, giving it a little twist, here’s an ode to little wildflowers: “Wherever they go, whatever the weather, inside the home or outdoors, they always bring their own sunshine.”

Those dainty wild daisies, the mysterious little white bud waiting to open up to a soft kiss, the flaming poppy that outrivals the flame in a flamenco bailaora‘s soul, wild geraniums in wildly exuberant colors that won’t let the blues in. . .

Nature’s fabulous poetry in Spring and Summer.

Don’t let them pass you by; they won’t always be there. Not if the weather gets really tough on them.

Don’t pass them by. Take a moment or two to enjoy them.

So delicate, so lovely. Yet so surprisingly strong some would rear their beautiful heads even in tiny cracks in ominous urban sidewalks if there’s no other choice, defy the odds, and pull through.

You could almost hear them say, “See,? No sweat!”

Gather a bunch — gently, please — and let their subtle magic work on your home. On you.

They’re just waiting to spread simple joys if only you’d let them.

Tips on wildflower longevity:
“One of the biggest culprits in cut flowers dying early is bacteria,” says American Meadows. Protect the flowers from those pernicious microscopic organisms. Change the water daily in your vase. Use flower preservatives. You can buy these from the florist. Or DIY: two tablespoons vinegar and three tablespoons of sugar per liter of water.


Quote mark/Oakus53, cc by-sa4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Butterfly/Nutkitten, Pixabay