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Rest in Peace posters of Dr Li Wenliang who warned colleagues about the coronavirus outbreak
and  got accused of spreading fake news by Chinese authorities. Seen at 
Hosier Lane in
Melbourne, Australia.  Hosier Lane has become synonymous with urban art.
(Pic: Adli Wahid)



Scenes from the world of the pandemic

Compiled by Jack Wright
Text: J. Wright


The virus lends itself to street art?! (Pic: Nick Bolton)

It doesn’t say “forever”! (Pic: Edwin Hooper )

Little heroes gone home. (Pic: Isaac Quesada)

Do. Or you might not see some of them ever again! (Pic: Alec Favale)

Matryoshka to the other Matryoshkas: Haven’t you heard about social distancing? Wearing masks isn’t enough! (Pic: Evgeni Tc herkasski)

Quit doing that. We’re in deep trouble. Narcissism is the last thing we need. (Pic: Random Institute)

Vicious critter! (Pic: Fusion Medical Animation)

What do you need money for anyway? No shops, no restaurants. Unless you’d like to donate? (Pic: Hello I’m Nik)

It’s no fun, huh? (Pic: Jackson Simmer)

Ménage à trois! Sure it’s dangerous and unlawful. (Pic: Visuals)