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Pic: Nick Bolton


What’s going on in the world of the pandemic


Compiled by Jack Wright
Text: J. Wright


Nasty! (Pic: Martin Sanchez)

Ms. Liberty says, “Disinfect!” (Pic: Jon Tyson)

All these empty seats! Now’s the time to travel? Nope, they won’t let you. (And you should be glad.)  (Pic: Allie Smith)

We’re sorry, too. Nothing like dining in a restaurant. But OK, we’ll have a ‘Take back home’. (Pic: Kseniia LLinykh)

Can’t stop lovin´. (Pic: Daniel Tafjord)

“We’re not taking any risk. Not even when we think we’re safe nesting. A mask in time saves nine!” (Pic: Evgeni Tcherkasski)

Let us know when you’ve found a better plan! (Pic: Thom Masat)