Malasaña: home to amazing streetart, cradle of La Movida,  the barrio where two centuries ago few but valiant Spanish soldiers  eyeballed the French interlopers.  It took years but the French blinked 


(For the history behind Dos de Mayo, go to
“Second of May: The Madrileños, Napoleon Bonaparte & Guerilla Warfare”)


It’s been 210 years but the places of Madrid heroism are still there, very much alive and thriving.
See them as they are today!


Principe Pio: a Dos de Mayo scene of horror, Paseo de la Florida, 28008 Madrid

The Royal Palace on Calle Bailen s/n, 28013 Madrid, where the Madrileño heroism all began

Puerta del Sol: scene of one of the earliest combats between the Madrileños and the French occupiers. Plaza de la Puerta del Sol s/n, 28013 Madrid

Monument to the “Bando de los Alcaldes”, Plaza del Pradillo, Mostoles, Comunidad de Madrid

Monument to Liberty commemorates the bicentennial of Dos de Mayo, Plaza del Sol, Mostoles

Puerta de Toledo: This Neoclassical gate to the city of Madrid was yet to be constructed in 1808. But there was fighting on Dos de Mayo around where the Puerta would be built. Fittingly styled Arc de Triomphe, it was constructed between 1813 and 1827 in honor of Fernando VII and to celebrate the liberation of Spain from the French forces. The Puerta de Toledo is at the Glorieta de la Puerta de Toledo, 28005 Madrid

Plaza Dos de Mayo: great place to enjoy freedom and independence from foreign troops, 28004 Madrid


Monument to Capts. Daoiz and Velarde, heroes of the asault by the French of the Monteleon Barracks in Malasaña. The arch in the center of the monument used to be the gate to the barracks. The monument is located in the Plaza Dos de Mayo where the barracks stood


Obelisk, in memory of the Heroes of Dos de Mayo, rises from the spot where 48 Madrileños were executed on order of Marshal Joachim Murat, Plaza de la Lealtad s/n along Paseo del Prado, 28014 Madrid. Unveiled on 2 May 1840 and reinaugurated in 1985 as the Monument to the Fallen for Spain

Moncloa viewed from the University of Complutense: another scene of Dos de Mayo fighting






>Featured image/r2hox, CC BY-SA2.0
>Principe Pio/Diego Fernandez, CC BY-ND2.0
>Puerta del Sol/Tomas Fano, CC BY-SA2.0
>Royal Palace/Jan SOLO, CC BY-SA2.0
>Bando monument/Zarateman, PD
>Monument to Liberty/Zarateman, PD

>Plaza Dos de Mayo (people)/PromoMadrid/Max Alexander CC BY-SA2.0
>Puerta de Toledo/manuel m.v., CC BY2.0
>Monument to Daoiz and  Velarde/Matiaest, PD
>Obelisk/Ruben Vique, CC BY2.0
>Moncloa/losminimos, CC BY-SA2.0