SATESIDE STORIES: Biden Attends NATO Summit and Meets with King Charles III

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US President Joe Biden walks with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda during the NATO Summit in Vilnius


by Mary Foran


US President Joe Biden recently ended a 5-day trip to Europe in which he met and had tea with King Charles III of England, and participated in the NATO summit in Lithuania.

The US President talks with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, as a “special guest” in the Vilnius summit.

The military alliance ended up with pledges of long-term support for Ukraine but no offer of membership yet. Results of the summit were mixed with Sweden taking a big step forward to becoming NATO’s 32nd member when Turkey said it would give its approval but not before October.

The allies also instigated sweeping changes to their defense plans in case of an attack by Russia or terrorists. Defense spending increases were also agreed to with no timetable set for meeting targets.

NATO allies offered more weapons, ammunition and other support to Ukraine but could not allow for membership while a war was going on with Russia.

In other news, a bag of cocaine was discovered by the Secret Service in the White House West Wing. After a lengthy investigation of visitors, no suspects were found by the Agents and the case was closed.


Stills and video by WhiteHouse.Gov, CC BY3.0