GOURMET’S CHOICE: SALON DE GOURMETS 2017, Worldwide Presence at the 31st Trade Fair

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Salon de Gourmets, a member of the Global Association of the Exhibiton Industry (UFI ), has recently renewed its status as an International Fair, granted by the Spanish Ministry for Economic Affairs


By Margaux Cintrano
Photos: Salon de Gourmets Press

The Wizard of Laos, special rice

The 31st gastronomic trade fair, Salon de Gourmets, featured an amazingly enormous range of international representation including  France, Italy,  Switzerland, Portugal,  Hungary,  The Netherlands, Peru, Greece, Japan, Mexico, The U.K.,  Israel, The U.S.A., Thailand, Laos, Latvia and Canada, the chosen guest country.

It was held from the 24th to the 27th of April 2017.

Italy’s Egoleum, luxury extra virgin olive oil

I had the opportunity to discover a series of high quality products from other countries and continents, not only through the exhibitors taking part directly at the Fair but also via the Show Cooking Events which held their 7th Edition this year.

Salon de Gourmets is a member of the international Global Association of the Exhibiton Industry (UFI ) and has recently renewed its status as an International Fair, granted by the Spanish Ministry for Economic Affairs .

At the 31st edition, I had also had the opportunity to sample epicurean delicacies from Japan, Mexico, The U.K., Greece, and Israel.

Some of the many exhibitors provided tastings and samples of   extra virgin olive oils, charcuterie, cheeses, foie gras de canard, honey varieties, fresh produce, beers, wines, sparkling wines,  Champagnes,  herbal gins, and A to Z cocktails .


Winemaker of the Year:   Bodegas Juan Gil
Best Young White Wine:    José Pariente Verdejo –  Rueda
Best Aged White Wine:   Caudalía Crianza – Bodegas  Vallobera,  La Rioja
Best Rosé :    Las Campanas –  Bodegas Vinicola Navarra
Best Aged Red Wine:  Marques de Cáceres Reserva, La Rioja



Josep Roca

Sommelier Josep Roca of El Celler de Can Roca
Michelin Food Designer Andoni Luis Aduriz



Maverick Monastell Fresh Gin is one of the most extraordinary gins I have ever sampled.  It is light, delicate, and aromatic of lemon and orange zest, flora and subtle spicy notes and the Monastrell grape variety from the Bigastro, Alicante and Jumilla, Murcia designations of origin.

The CEO and Owner, Justo Esquiva, presented his 92 Point Gin, awarded by The José Peñín Guide in a spectacular Cocktail Show.

An amazing cocktail included ocean blue Antocianina, which does not alter the taste, nor is it a chemical. This pigment is naturally grown.  Quite sensational.

Uncountable awards / premios were given to those who have merited excellence.


Transcoso, Portugal

The traditions, expertise, and excellent reputation of Casa Da Prisca´s products are the results of sustainable farming and from historic lands which have been dedicated to farming continuously since 1917.

Casa Da Prisca´s specialties are its jams, curds, condiments, honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, jelly, preserves, vinegars and charcuterie, cheeses, patés and Foie gras de Canard.

The Director of Sales, José Manuel Gomes, and I had shared some of the most amazing preserves, jams and curds I have ever had.   The remarkables included:

Caramelised onion & Port Wine
Pear and cardamon
Green Tea Reduction
Fig & Dijon Mustard
Orange & saffron
Blueberry Vinegard with Port Wine
Pumpkin Curry
Tomato Pepper
Strawberry Piri Piri

All of their products can be purchased at their farm in  Transcoso, Portugal, not far from Salamanca, and online and delivered to your door worldwide.



Canada had 1,630 exhibitors and an estimated visitorship of 85,000 people.
Ice wines similar to a refined delicate Sparkling Wine, maple in uncountable forms, smoked salmon, Quebec designation of origin cheeses and charcuterie, pastries and an immense range  of local specialties.

This was quite an adventurous and artistically  astounding epicurean event.

I could have written a book versus a magazine article.

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