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For all you crafters, pros or  “would be’s”, check out our rose tissue paper tutorial. It’s easy,
it´s fun and the results are truly remarkable –
so much so, that I  actually
dare you to tell me which rose in the video is real.


by Mary Canovas


Paper Roses that Actually Look Real – No Kidding!

Please watch our easy-to-follow video to help you follow the written instructions.  I dare you to tell which of the flowers on screen is fresh and which is paper.  There are no tricks here – these are actual roses cut from our garden mixed with the paper roses in the bouquet.

Make these roses for a centerpiece, as a gift for special occasions.  They are really easy to make and make the loveliest bouquet that will never wither or die.  Store-bought roses are beautiful but these are a personal expression of the caring and love of the crafter to the recipient.  

• Tissue paper
• White glue, scissors, bamboo sticks (barbecue or kebob sticks)
• Floral ribbon (optional) or green tissue paper

How To

  • Cut the three paper strips: 20″ or 50 cm. long by 3.5″ (9 cm), 3 “(7.5cm), and 2.5” (5cm) wide respectively. Roses can be made any size by always increasing the width of the strips of 1/2 “(1 1/4 cm) in 1/2” (1.25 cm) increments.
  • Roll strips loosely  and cut shape of the base and leaf shape.  (See video.)
  • Dip or paint the tip of the stick in glue.
  • Place the smaller strip with the folded part towards you under the stick and roll the base on a table pressing with your finger a bit so that it sticks.
  • Open your strip and place a little glue at the beginning of the strip.
  • Start rolling around stick putting a dot of glue before the roll.  See video.
  • Press with hand press to finish so that the base is tight.
  • Repeat the medium strip and then with the larger strip.
  • Wrap the stem by gluing floral tape or dar green tissue paper around it.
  • Continue wrapping the stick while intermittently applying glue.  See Video
  • Open and curl your petals as in video.