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by Margaux Cintrano
Photos © Taberna Griega


Calle Tesoro 6
Metro 10: Tribunal
Reservations Highly Suggested: 691 838 745 / 91. 532. 5897

Taberna Griega could be the quintessential Greek village in downtown Madrid, where GUIDEPOST’s “Three Musketeers” celebrated Guidepost Publisher Dan Lowell’s birthday which was actually in March but due to the pandemic lockdown we could only celebrate it this September. We had spent an afternoon in its lively taberna and lingered over the luscious “Meze” (appetisers) served with hot Pita bread and sipping high quality Cretian wines.

Owner Nikos, a true history buff and a triology of well spoken Greek, Spanish and English, a native of northern Greece, is the host with most. There is no Menu del Dia, however, the carte features a dozen or more traditional “Meze” including Taramosalata, prepared with wild salmon instead of grey mullet, which is hard to come by on the Iberian Peninsula; Spanakopita, (a phyllo spinach and feta cheese pastry); Greek Salad called Horiatiki in Greek; Tyrosalata, a Feta cheese, pepperoncini and dried chili pepper dip, classic Fava dip prepared with Greek yellow Split peas; Melitzanosalata, a smoked aubergine dip similar to Egyptian Bhaghanuj, and several other starters of fascinating Meze to wet the palate.

The main courses which we had sampled were: The classic Moussaka of eggplant with Greek Béchamel and ground beef and the amazing Suvlaki, a Kebab with thick slabs of boneless breast of tender chicken seared to perfection and Greek wild rice. There just was no room for the Bakalava. However, we did have a cold Greek Caffé, “frappe” !

The ancient Greek tradition of smashing plates, performed in the Taberna Griega.

Weekend evenings present live classic Greek music and Greek dancing. Never on a Sunday.

Price per person: 20 €uros – 30 €uros.

Greek dancing has a traditional social function. Diners at the Taberna Griega have fun getting a taste of it.