By Shira Stoll
Photos: S. Stoll

Budding artists, here’s your chance to display your talent on a copa!

DSC_0808Pinta en Copas is a pottery painting shop which allows people to create their own masterpieces. They have over 100 different ready-made pottery pieces to select from and numerous colors to choose from in order to decorate. The shop has been around for 13 years and is actually modeled after a pottery painting store concept located in the United States. The main demographic of the shop is between the ages of 18 and 30, but anyone over the age of 8 is welcome to enjoy a day of painting.DSC_0811

There are four steps to creating your artwork. The first step, but also the hardest, is choosing which pottery piece to decorate. Next, there are painting palettes into which you are able to pour six different colors to take back to your working space. There are about 40-50 colors to choose from. While the colors appear to be bland, after they harden they become much more vibrant.


The third step is to paint the piece that you have chosen. There are stencils and idea books available in order to help you decide what to make.DSC_0873

Finally, there’s the few days of waiting time during which the pieces are completely finished and dry and you can take them home.

Each pottery piece varies in price depending on the purpose of the object, shape and size.DSC_0829

Pinta en Copas is located at Calle Velarde, 3 (semi esq. C/ Fuencarral) and is near either the Tribunal or Bilbao metro stops. They are open everyday except Mondays.


Shira is Photography major at S.I. NewhouseSchool of Public Communicatios, Syracuse University.