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by Margaux Cintrano
Photos supplied by M. Cintrano

The Madrid Capital has continued captivating us with its unrivalled visions of the pampered palate in sumptuous venues, and I am willing to bet that some of the greatest veterans as well as the new generation chefs are going to continue seducing us with their interpretations of the pampered palate in amazing ambiances, despite the economic crisis. I have interviewed some of the most extraordinary chefs who have shown me their craft and bespoke hospitality.





Sixto rest. 1

Restaurant Sixto
83 Calle José Ortega y Gasset
Metroline 4: Lista
Reservations highly suggested: Grupo Nuria

Possessing generations of expertise and an outstanding hand on gastronomic knowledge, Grupo Nuria´s Restaurant Sixto has been serving diners and has developed its own extraordinary signature cuisine, with an epicurism sitting at the very pinnacle of breaking free of boundaries, yet flawless in creation and traditional in Spanish local regional products with evolutionary touches, the place for all your special occasions.

Tucked into a luxurious duplex marvel of a building on Barrio Lista´s exceptionally attractive Boulevard, José Ortega y Gasset, with floor to ceiling windows, and a contemporary sand dune, beige and ivory dining salon with deeper accents of the earthy palette in sepia and ebony; the modern neutral scheme maintains its warmth, with marvelous booth and window view table seating arrangements.

My viewpoint is quite concise and clear: Restaurant Sixto is one of the best restaurants in the Madrid Capital without a Michelin to date and, believe me, it certainly deserves one. The imaginative flair, refined sourcing of product and noteworthy unforgettable innovative dishes and excellence in wait & clientele service are provided by the dapper Maîté Vincente and wonderful waiter David.

My gentlemen colleagues and friends, departmental editor Christopher Deke Mills of the Guidepost Magazine and Marketing Director of Grupo Nuria Javier Niedleytner, were the perfect company.

Here are some of the uncountable specialties we delighted in: Rias Baixas White Wine Terras Gauda Albariño; the tender melt in your mouth baby Octopus braised with porc confit; the Sea Scallop Bon Bon with oxtail pan juice drizzle; the heavenly and highly recommended fresh Lobster tail sitting on a bed of Salmorejo de Córdoba; the delightful Milhojas, layered Napolean, of mascarpone and fresh seasonal strawberries and the splendid San Marcos Bizcocho with cacao drizzle as well as thefragrant and refreshing caramelized fresh Mango Fan, etc. etc. etc. for sweet tooth pleasures.

All these were followed by Espresso served with a beautiful Port from Portugal.



carta-asiana nextdoorRestaurant Asiana Nextdoor
Travesia de San Mateo 4
Metroline 5 : Alonso Martínez or Chueca
Reservations highly suggested: 91. 310. 4020

CHEF JAIME RENEDO has been merging the best of Perú and Asia, including Vietnam, India, Japan and Thailand, yielding cuisine that transcends expectations. Jaime´s dishes are simultaneously divine, light, exotic, out of the ordinary and fun for sharing and if there is a common thread among each recipe, it is their seamless and orgasmic quality that thrills the tastebuds. His attention to detail, contrasting textures, and flavors coupled with his subtly applied spices, has been paying off even during the crisis. The unforgettable ambiance of both beautiful Pacific Rim antiques and the contemporary, in a venue with a shared kitchen, similar to Chef Francis Paniego and his Mom Maria Sánchez used to have before the exquisite renovations were done at El Portal, in Ezcaray, La Rioja. Jaime employs only prime materials, from southeastern Asia and Perú, a tad of citrus and a hint of the piquant. Jaime studied under Chef Salvador Gallego, who has taught him the French Traditional along with Ferrán Adrià who gave him the vanguard influences back in 2004. Back in 2003, Jaime had done an internship with Chef Julian Serrano in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The dishes we enjoyed: Ceviche of Corvina (Chilean Pacific Sea Bass); Vietnamese Rice Chicken breast filled spring rolls wrapped with spearmint , and mango; and Indian Thai fusion Chicken Satay with Dipping Sauces.

The White Wine: Godello Val de Sil – Valdeorras, Galicia – 100% Godello White Grape Variety



Trattoria San Paolo

Trattoria San Paolo
Calle Francisco Rojas 2
Metroline 4, 5 or 10: Alonso Martínez
Reservations highly suggested: 91. 593. 8466

Elizabeth Barrett Browning said, “Firenze ( Florence ) is beautiful, as I have said before, and must say again, the most beautiful “ and Marcel Proust, said, “ When I went to Venezia, my dream became my address”. And this is how we felt upon entering Trattoria San Paolo. Open since February 2007, it is the offspring of the entrepreneurs who also own Ristorante San Arc Angel on Calle Moreto 15. This Trattoria is peppered with glorious regional Italian cuisine. Contemporary stylish yet with a fitting backdrop for the outstanding triplex stunner.

The Caprino goat cheese salad served with coral red fresh prawns is large enough for two to share.

The other highly recommendables are the Lemon Prawn Risotto and the 4 Cheese Pizza.

The ethos of the three story loft provides regional fare at fair prices. The white wine we shared was the Martinelli Verdejo 100% white grape Mono Varietal from Rueda, Valladolid.



sushi (2)

Restaurant Sukothay
Paseo de La Castellana 105
Metroline 10: Santiago Bernabeu

At this intímate two story restaurant and sushi bar, one can enjoy Japanese, Thai or a fusion of the two. This ideally illuminated soft exotic Feng Shui oasis creates a most lovely ambiance to share a meal in. This is a “city” where the scene abounds, the cozy “Mecca” of delectable dining experience with a multi cultural and multi lingual staff. Spain´s passionate love affair with the exotic or foreign epicurism is nothing new. Spaniards, since the 1400s – 1500´s, have been known to be adventurous and eager to taste foods from distant lands. Sukothay´s carte runs the gamut of flawless and exquisite dishes.

The tantalizing gastronomic delights served included white wines (Belondrade y Lurton 100% Verdejo White Grape Mono Varietal, Rueda, and Gewürztraminer 100% grape variety Somantano Viñas de Vero); red wine Emilio Mauro 100% Tempranilloi Grape Mono Varietal – Ribera del Duero ; Japanese marine algae salad – Goma Wakame; the splendid Sashimi Boat; Po Pia Kung (Langoustine rolls with fresh and sour mango dipping salsa); Red curry chicken with basil , pineapple and basmati fragrant long grain rice; Filet mignon served with a wild mushroom and lime leaf drizzle containing oyster sauce; and an array of sorbets and sherbets, cigars and teas . . .




Taquería Del Alamillo
Taquería del Alamillo 8
Metroline 5: La Latina
Book a table: 91. 364. 2088

Experience a palette of colors inspired by artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, aromas and flavors and the 6th sense with beautiful dusty blue corn tortillas, to flaming red salsas of sunset and the varying green hues of the creamy Hass Mexican avocado chunks, fresh cilantro and Serrano Chili peppers. Let your imagination mingle with Mexico´s paradise of colors and shades which your palate has only dreamed of, on this side of the Atlantic. Entreprenuer Rita Sánchez who hails from Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico´s Tequila Country, and her Toledo native husband Efern garnish extraordianary Jalisco regional Mexican gastronomy with a unique touch and spice up authentic recipes in organic Volcanic Stone Mocajetes, an ancient Aztec stone mortar with pestle vessel.

TAQUILLA ALAMILLA 2The power and glory Jalisco Carte: Tamarind Root Margaritas with a sprinkle of dried chili pepper on rim; Dos Equis Amber Beer; Tortilla Corn Chips with 5 salsas, among them Jalisco árbol chili pepper salsa and Yucatan Habanero Chili Pepper; Hass Avocado Guacamole; Nogada Roast Chili Pepper stuffed with ground pork, fresh fruit, Mexican White cheese & drizzled with Pomegrante salsa; fragrant seared Pork Tenderloin with Mexican Chutney; and
braised Veal with Poblano chili pepper.
For the sweet tooth pleasures: Cactus milkshake, fresh Papaya Ice Cream Soda, and Caramel crepè a la mode.

Calle Segovia 15

The owners of Taquería del Alamillo also have a fascinating boutique specialising in authentic Mexican products, including: salsas, cheese varieties, Aztec volcanic mocajete mortars and pestles, tortillas of every size and shape, both corn and wheat and numerous gift items including decorative Aztec terracotta earthenware adornments.



Arribas Gourmet Farmer´s Market
Calle San Faustino 14 – 16
Metroline 5: Canillejas
Special wholesale orders and Deliveries: 91. 741. 5493

Fresh off the stands, make the most now of an early Spring bounty and celebrate the green season at the unrivalled fair priced Farmer´s Market where the green and red leading leaves of class add a lovely dimension to co-star with all your main dishes. José Maria, Javier and Patricio have priced their fresh vegetables and seasonal fresh fruit at crisis prices. Moreover, they carry, fresh wild mushrooms, fresh wild green asparagus, fresh red fragrant strawberries, seasonal sweet peas in their pods, red oak leaf lettuce, endive, and uncountable regional vegetables and fruits.