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AJ, Nicole and the Sherpa

Hola Amigos!

AJ just sent me the above pic, to say they’re off to Annapurna “today” (20 April?).

Don’t we all WISH we could be there doing that RIGHT NOW ( instead of hunched over a computer without having eaten at 11:30 p.m. Calgary time? )

But… ROSE is visiting her family in the Philippines, relaxing, and happy at last, no magazine in Madrid to put to bed as journalists say; LAILA is in bed by now; MARTIN is having a beer by his country fireplace with someone giving him a foot massage – if he is lucky at last; TONY , a Cordon-Blue Translator and GITANA ANA, a misplaced gypsy, are working on a nasty translation marvelously engineered by Tony into the wee hours between Vancouver and Calgary; CHARLENE and GARY are asleep in Mattapoisett with her fat white cat cuddled by their bed; STEVE started his night shift an hour ago; and JUAN is watching a video and drinking champagne to celebrate his week-long birthday. LINDA and JIM are snuggled up with Sombrio the cuddly cat, all of them in dreamland, while AJ and NICOlE begin a superb climb to the stars with their gentle SHERPA, but note that my two lovelies are hoisting their own packs….

I hope the SHERPA is HAPPY too with the two enchanted souls he is escorting who so love NEPAL and its warm and caring people.

JORG and HELEN are reading about the CAMINO in their lovely ECO-HOME, about to dose off, and BRUNO is asleep in NAPOLI at 7:30 a.m., his marvelous guitar, one of 6 or so, beside his bed playing a Fandango Flamenco all by himself! JOAQUIN se está levantando para ir a los Estudios de Baile AMOR DE DIOS….

Judith Ana 🙂