MUSINGS, A TRILOGY: Some Enchanted Evening

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The gentleman bows and indicates the dance floor of an unbelievably beautiful ballroom is our
destination. We pause for just a moment before the orchestra begins to play. We dance.


by Catherine Petit


The night was magical. Simply perfect. Full moon, clear skies allowing all the stars to sparkle and shine like diamonds. Hesitating for a moment before leaving the peaceful night, I slowly entered the beautifully lit castle and was escorted to an elaborate staircase leading to a beautifully decorated ballroom.

I could not believe the beauty of the ballroom. Tall white columns supporting the balconies above. White marble pillars rising from the balconies soaring to the elaborately painted ceiling.

Highly ornate frames surrounding large paintings of ancestors, and landscapes, and bouquets of fragrant flowers encircle the dance floor filling the air with their fragrance.

The orchestra was seated in a corner playing sweet melodies to fill the soul with light-hearted thoughts and the urge to enter the dance floor.

Ladies in full-length ball gowns swept by in unison in front of me, accompanied by extremely handsome well-dressed gentlemen in dark suits. Twirling effortlessly, soft sounds of stiff petticoats being swirled only enhanced the sounds of the orchestra.

The soft touch of a man’s hand brushes my arm

The soft touch of a man’s hand brushes my arm. He bows and indicates the dance floor is our destination. His hand in mine, we stroll onto the dance floor, pausing for just a moment before the orchestra begins to play.

Movement and emotion increase as we glide across the floor. My heart is racing and my imagination taking over. Music fills the room with warm notes and the perfumes of scented men and women blend with the scents of the large bouquets of flowers interspersed around the room.

Twirling and spinning about the room in the arms of a gentleman as I wish this special night never to end, and softly wishing the music to continue throughout the evening.

As the last notes are played, I close my eyes, my mind replaying the music

As the last notes are played, we slow our movements and stop. Light clapping of many gloved hands begins, rewarding the efforts of the very talented orchestra.

My eyes are closed, my mind is replaying the music. I am waiting somewhat patiently for the next song to begin being played.

My hand in his, the music starts again and I am floating across the floor.

I awaken. It has all been just a dream

Suddenly he stops leading. I don’t understand what is happening. I open my eyes and look up surprised and shaken to see this is not the gentleman that I should have been dancing with. He is not the one that I started dancing with.

Startled and shaken, I awaken to find that I have been dreaming, and the dream and the music have ended.


Featured image and second pic/rafeejewell, CC BY-ND2.0
Trumpet player/Ms. Phoenix, CC BY2.0, cropped
Eyes/Juan Manuel Alijo Lebrón, CC BY-SA2.0